I have come across a lot of Good Reads in the Blogosphere, and I wish to share some of them with you (in no particular order).

The following blogs are written in english, there are some Norwegian blogs at the bottom.

Smiles & Places

I stumbled upon this blog today, a beautiful travel and trips blog with breathtaking pictures. If you are planning a trip to California, make sure to check this site out! Even if you are not planning such a trip – check it out anyways!



Another new encounter, also a travel blog, with more. Gorgeous pictures and I just love her illustrations.


The life of a 40 something

I love this blog where Becky shares her beautiful pictures and thoughts. Good read!


Ingrid on the Grid

Ingrid is a young woman who is talented both in music, arts and writing. I enjoy following her thoughts on noting and everything – and all in between.



The name alone makes me smile, and upon entering his blog, you find a lovely young man sharing his musings about everything dear to him.


Independent Couple

A travel blog by a Slovak couple who just up and left for New Zealand. Well, that sounded easier than it was; of course it took quite a bit of prep work. I do admire people who not only have a dream, but who actually sets the wheels in motion to fulfill their dream. Like these two have done.


Offshore Austerity

If you think you have found a red thread in my recommendations here, then this one ought ‘a throw you for a loop. He writes specifically about the crisis in the Oil & Gas industry, but his thoughts and experiences are applicable to all other businesses, industries and trades. Need some leadership and HR tips? Offshore Austerity is your man.


Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies

This blog really does not need any other explanation than it being funny. However alarming it is that Anand seems unable to make himself a cup of tea, you must all check out this blog. It is giggle guaranteed! Make sure you check out his artwork as well. Talented man – just not in the art of making tea (sorry, but I just HAD to mention that again!)


Atypical 60

A lovely woman writing and sharing thoughts about her everyday life, with a humorous twist, sprinkled with her own illustrations. Love it! Most definitely a feel-good blog!


Meg Sorick

A writer. A total sweetheart. An inspiration for an aspiring writer such as myself


Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

A writer with a really good blogging-pen. An inspiration and an example to follow!


The following blogs are written in Norwegian:


These are the adventures of a single mom of two small children who absolutely love the outdoors. She shows us that it is possible to hike, kayak and explore nature alone with two kids.



Spaniasol is an ex-pat mujer noruega, residing in Spain. She shares her thoughts on everything from everyday life to the more complex issues, and quite a few nifty travel tips. She has a really good pen, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to processes and rules when you migrate to Spain.



Hands down, this is my hero!

Gunnar Tjomlid is a public figure in Norway, and on his blog he debunks common misconceptions, conspiracy theories and explains scientific topics in a way that “normal” people can understand. He is a sceptic, and a big advocate for the notion of not believing everything you hear/read, but think for yourself, ask questions and seek out multiple sources. He is also a very good writer, and I will admit to having a huge blog-crush on him!


I know there are many more that I can put in a list and recommend, I do actually feel guilty of not including all the Good Reads that I enjoy – but I would never be able to finish and publish my list if I were to include all. I may, however, compile a new list ever so often with read worthy blogs. Until then, enjoy the blogs above.

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16 thoughts on “Good reads!

  1. I am already following a few of those blogs you mentioned here. Checked out the rest, and loved them. I had been missing out on so many great blogs.. Thanks for making the list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Olive 🙂

    Thanks for your kindness and support for me and other fellow bloggers. These are really wonderful recommendations and I have had the good fortune of visiting many of them. Those which I have not visited so far I look forward to visit soon. 🙂

    Cheers 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Olive. I hope you did see my list of new neighbors where I mentioned you. Have a nice day ahead 🙂 Anand

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hei Olive, thanks for recommending my blog. Has been a busy week for me, hence the reason I am still awake, but will hopefully provide some more interesting thoughts for you soon.


  4. Oh My! I just can’t keep up with all the blogs I’m finding and want to read 😦
    And now I have Norwegian reading ability envy 🙂 So want to read “tjomlid” but there is no translation right?
    Thank you for your links 🙂


    1. Unfortunately they are in Norwegian only, but if you use google chrome it will be translated for you. It is not the same when a machine translates, alot of the finesses in the language gets lost, but I think you’ll get the just of it.


    1. Thank you for commenting! I look forward to emerging myself deeper in your blog, I did see several posts that I want to read when time permits. Happy blogging!


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