Art is Art. Everything else is everything else.  (Ad Reinhardt)

Pencil drawing by the Karate Kid. Can you see  what influenced this drawing? Recognise the text below?

Since my modest start in the blogosphere I have come across several bloggers who use their own drawings as illustrations in their postings. This adds a personal touch to their blogs that by far surpasses photos. Like this blogger/artist: Blessang, I am extremely jealous of her and everyone else who can draw! I used to doodle about with pencils and crayons myself, when I was young, but my love for art was killed in me by my surroundings. “Concentrate on academics”, they said. I don’t know if I had any talent, I quit doing what I loved way before I could ever find out if this was something I could succeed at.

The Karate Kid. I have shamelessly stolen this pic off his facebook 🙂

Seeing my son, the Karate Kid, draw, paint, color and all the other art projects he tries out, makes my heart sing. I am determined that no one is allowed to discourage his love for arts, or his creativity. I want my son to be able to pursue an education, and possibly a career in whatever makes him happy. I do not want him to put off his passions until he’s 40 – like his mom did.

I collect the drawings he gives me. Here is some that I am ready to frame.

I have no idea if he has any talent. All I know is that he loves what he does. The funny thing is; he is also doing great in school, despite me encouraging him in his arts. Contrary to what seemed to be popular belief when I was young, that arts was a distraction from academics, I believe that allowing and encouraging our young to do what they are passionate about will play a positive factor in academics. It is easier and more fun for the Kid to solve excruciatingly boring math problems when he can decorate it with a small drawing on the side.

I love this one. Would make a wonderful illustration for a fantasy story, don’t you think?

Please, if you are lucky enough to have an artist in your family – don’t kill the creativity!

Here he is trying out Kawaii. I have no idea what the cat is saying, I hope it’s nothing dirty (the Kid is at that age, and he takes after his mom…)
Painting I got for mothers day:-)
His influences varies greatly
The Kid made dream catcher earrings for my birthday

Blogglisten hits

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11 thoughts on “Let creativity live

  1. Oh wow thanks for the shout out!

    This is lovely – you definitely have the right approach! I was lucky because my parents always encouraged my art 🙂 even though that it is not the path I chose for my career I still paint and draw and I’m so grateful for having that! Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are amazing! He IS really talented. I can relate so much to you. My Son is also into arts, drawing, and animation. I feel the same way — I encourage him to follow his passion. You’re doing a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He just monetised his passion – he sold a logo to hubby for his business 🙂

      I hope he chooses to go the creative path. Talented or not – he absolutely loves it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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