More Liebster awards here, if this does not stop soon, then my blog will have to change names from “Travel much?” to “Ask much?” *giggles*

Funniest thing; Eccentric Soul and I nominated each other at the same time! I think we were only minutes apart in posting nominations to each other. Kinda cool to know that a total stranger, on the other side of the world was thinking about me at the exact same time as I was thinking about her!

Thank you so much for the nomination and here are my answers to your questions:

  1. What comes to your mind, when I say ‘travel’? – Let me go get my passport!
  2. Have you ever been so happy that you wished the time stopped? If so, say a little.. – Oh many times. Basically every time I’m with good people having great conversations and it’s time to go home – that is when I wished time would stop for a while so we could continue for a good while longer.
  3. Who is that one person who can change your hard ‘No’to an easy Ýes? – Anyone who brings a valid argument.
  4. Do you ever regret things in life? – Not anymore, I have worked hard to switch my brain from going “I can’t do that” to “Just do it!”
  5. Who is your favorite Superhero character,  if you have one? – Thor!
  6. Are you the one who always finds silly mistakes in others, even if you wish you did not? – Not really on a personal level, but I often find flaws in peoples arguments. 
  7. What inspires you to write? – Everything and nothing. I get inspired from what others write, or it can be a beautiful site I just discovered, or my family (they tickle my funny bone often)
  8. Would you prefer writing a letter or sending an email to someone(who matters) you have not spoken to in a long time? – Definitely email. Faster and more reliable – and I don’t have to look for pen and paper.
  9. What are you most thankful for in this world? – My family
  10. What is the craziest thing you ever did in life? – Quit my job and moved to the northernmost town in the world. 
  11. Were the questions tough? 😛 – Some of them were tough in a way where I had to think about my answer.

Then also my fellow foodie, whom I nominated – turned around and nominated me back! Thank you so much, Free Spirit Food! Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. What inspired you to start your blog? – By following a lifelong dream of becoming an author, I saw this as writing-practice. I still do, but it has become way more.
  2. Would you consider yourself an adventurous eater? what is the strangest thing you have eaten.- Hmmmm…. Not really all that adventurous. I guess it depends on who you compare me to. I will try most things, but I do draw the line at chickens cooked while still in the egg, and bugs. I will not go near it – even though I know full well that it is considered a delicacy in other parts of the world. Also I ca not handle the food to be extremely hot – when I get hick ups and starts to sweat profusely and my whole body feels like its burning up from the inside – then I just want to be put out of my misery.Strangest thing I have ever eaten must be cohones…
  3. What is your dream holiday trip? – Cruise in the Antarctic, including stops at the Falklands and Bouvet Island.
  4. Do you enjoy cooking? what is your favorite meal to make? – I love to cook. Besides the traditional Norwegian X-mas meals, I enjoy making a family favorite: Thai Red Curry Chicken Soup (and yes, I do put crème fraiche in mine to make it a little milder.)
  5. Who in the world would you find it most inspirational to have dinner with? – Heston Blumenthal at his own restaurant – that would be awesome!
  6. What was the most memorable meal you have had and why? – I was lucky enough to have dinner with friends at a former Michelin-starred restaurant, which also contains one of northern Europe’s most impressive wine cellars. Among those friends were the Head Chef and the Sommelier from that restaurant, and I asked the two of them to order all my courses with the corresponding wines. Oh my goodness! That fab meal in a context where you are out with good friends? Priceless!
  7. What is your idea of a perfect day? – Sleep in, have a slow brunch with my family, before we go explore somewhere new. Then a little write-time before fire up the ole BBQ, and sit out for hours in the light Nordic summer -while playing rummy.
  8. If you could choose any moment in the past, present or future to witness what would it be? – Tearing down the Berlin wall
  9. Do you eat meat and if so which is your favorite? – Yup, I eat a lot of meat; I think my favorite has to be red deer, moose or reindeer. Some game anyways.
  10. If you could have a superpower what would it be? – Atomic Manipulation
  11. Are you as excited as I was to get to the end of the 11 questions? – I am pretty excited, yes, because now I have just answered 22 of them *giggles*

Then I also got nominated by Yamizlette over at Smiles & Places, if you have not checked out her blog yet, then hurry on over. The pictures are breathtaking, and her descriptions just makes you want to grab your passport and go see it for yourself!

Here are my answers to her questions:

1. Favorite country you’ve visited – It is a tie between Praque and Tokyo

2. Most amazing person you’ve met while taveling – That has to be the crazy cup-flipper at a café in Solvang, California
3. Best and worse challenge you’ve Had – The worst was driving my snowmobile over a very dangerous glacier. The best was equally dangerous, but resulted in me standing face to face with a polarbear.
4. Any phobias? – Spiders and snakes
5. Favorite quote – You’re never too old to laugh at farts!
6. Favorite food – Classic X-mas meal from western Norway, involving salted and dried sheepsribs, steamed and then baked, served with taters and Swede-mash. 
7. Three things that make you smile – Animals, kids and really clever wording
8. Three interesting items in your living room – A replica of chinese grave-art. A Japanese katana. A telescope.
9. Funniest moment while traveling – Oh I’ve had many, one of them must be me half asleap, half dead to this world, in my aisle-seat in an airplane. As soon as I heard the little ding and the fasten seat-belt sign went off – I, in an attempt to fully recline my own seat, accidentally reclined my neighbors seat… Despite being half-dead – the funny side of my brain was wide awake, and I said to my confused neighbor: “lets lay down together!” and giggled. My neighbor was not as amused as me.
10. Favorite State – In the US? I feel it is only fair to choose between those I have visited – so I’ll say California. (Of those I have not yet visited I do believe Alaska would be high up on my list,
11.  Favorite drink – Pepsi Max

I have also been nominated for the Brotherhood of the World Award by the lovely Shoriilliizzee who writes the blog Memoirs and Articles, and even though I do not have time for the followup on awards, I would like to answer her questions:

1. who is one person you cherish most? – My son ❤
2. What is your most challenging period? – I had a really crappy year some years ago, when I lost my father and a whole lot of unfortunate events lined up to mess with my life. However that is all in the past now 🙂
3. Who would you protect most if you were placed in a controversial position? – Definately my son and my hubby
4. What is your aspirations? – I want to write a book that actually gets published and that people like to read. Yey!
5. Would you get naughty if need arises with a cute stranger? – Nope 🙂 

The love keeps pouring in here, and the very strong Rashmi over at Mind and Life Matters nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Again I have to decline due time constraints, but here are my answers to her questions:

  1. If you were given a Time Machine, would you use it to go to the past or future? – Past. Im very interested in history, and I do not want to know what the future holds, I want to experience it as it happens 🙂
  2. If you can meet one person (real, imaginary, alive, or dead) who would it be and why? – Sir Terry Pratchett before the Alzheimer, because his books rocks!
  3. What according to you is a good day? – Sleep in, enjoy a long, slow brunch with my family in the garden, then a roadtrip and explore something cool.
  4. What is your favorite music genre and why? – Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I love good, strong vocals, good guitar and a rockin’ rythm-section 🙂
  5. Complete the sentence, “Life is…..”? – …too short for crappy wine!
  6. What is your best memory? – Having my son
  7. What or who is your source of inspiration? – My hubby, Sir Nerdalot inspire me, he tickles my funny bone. I also find inspiration anywhere and nowhere. I do respond well to spesific tasks.
  8. What was your choice of career when you were a kid? – Rock Star, veterinarian and Geologist
  9. Your all-time favorite book or movie would be? – Harry Potter! My favs are the first movie and the last book ;-p
  10. If you can meet one famous person who is alive who will that be? – JK Rowling
  11. How has the blogging experience contributed to your life? – It gives me a creative outlet, and I get to practice my writing. I also feel that I have made blog-friends world wide, and that is a really, really good thing!

Happy blogging and Rock on!

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4 thoughts on “Ask much?

  1. Hey Olive, Thank you for answering my questions 🙂
    yes, it truly was amazing to know we nominated each other around the same time 🙂
    Okay, I loved all your answers.. found em logical and sweet 🙂 So happy to know you like Thor! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. haha! awesome answers! Was laughing my butt off at #9- Something similar happened to me traveling home to Puerto Rico once..

    Liked by 1 person

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