Oh, Barcelona! There is no poem, no picture or painting that can do it justice. My son, the Karate Kid, and I were fortunate enough to spend a day in this vibrant, historic and fantastic city last fall. We could definitely use more time there, but circumstance said otherwise. So we made the most of the time we had.

I will not say too much about Barcelona, because then this post will be excruciatingly long – and you can find better and more in-depth writings about Barcelona on the net. I will let my pictures do the talking:

Views from Montjuic hill:

19-10626821_10152730131041622_535443751771394719_n 18-10320540_10152730131166622_396972824576026652_n 16-1958048_10152730131571622_7490106410175174132_n 15-10659325_10152730131656622_6093861539784875373_n

Starbucks much?

34-10624797_10152730116126622_2463912593502562051_n 35-10698442_10152730116031622_8494675948183979060_n

Poble Espanyol

17-1521637_10152730131401622_8986258309732973776_n 20-1619257_10152730130936622_566980223185292199_n 21-1977338_10152730130841622_3839557847561662837_n 22-10685573_10152730130691622_44253250852004350_n 23-1898214_10152730130566622_5233479951311978592_n 24-10690294_10152730130401622_1650067322270048352_n 14-10645123_10152730131916622_2476895910142653675_n 13-1782178_10152730132266622_8536539013660952656_n 27-10410853_10152730130031622_177799650495665454_n 28-10628356_10152730116856622_8071424739133915851_n 29-10480212_10152730116786622_6813123501383420593_n 30-1743532_10152730116676622_607538104251525627_n 31-10609640_10152730116526622_4680404237855551512_n 32-10451704_10152730116376622_6040066490749859457_n 33-10675675_10152730116236622_3517909003867046341_n

Harbor and other parts of the city

12-1902744_10152730132741622_5304178527633935986_n 11-1157565_10152730132881622_6878290192025687374_n 10-1800358_10152730133011622_7031649550035220994_n 09-10153799_10152730133161622_4315941585761342340_n 08-10659264_10152730133291622_6971723866221671300_n

La Sagrada Familia

07-10375957_10152730133756622_473974949002222012_n 06-10612971_10152730134021622_6035505290049128876_n 05-10371919_10152730134096622_8737902312681065596_n 04-10606381_10152730134266622_2256959429227296508_n 03-10390970_10152730134391622_2065658169293904215_n 02-10647128_10152730134526622_8475550309743693204_n 01-10153740_10152730134631622_1271533012509162745_n


24 thoughts on “Barcelona much?

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words–these pictures speak so many words so eloquently. Thank you for sharing! PS. I love Gaudi’s cathedral–it reminds me of a giant sandcastle!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is truly beautiful and weird at the same time. I kind of hope it never gets finished – because why should anyone else see it finished when Gaudi himself didn’t?


  2. Hello Olive 🙂

    Your pictures are so beautiful they make me feel an urge to visit Barcelona 🙂

    Say my hello to your family 🙂

    I would like to visit Barcelona someday 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I am honored! I will, however have to decline due timerestraints here. I have answered your questions though. Thank you for thinking of me, Happy blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. We did have a great time in Barcelona. I guess everyone sais that they wished they had more time that, which is exactly how we feel as well. So we have a great excuse to go back! Hihi. Thank you for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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