I will now take you for a short walk in my Danish Ex-pat garden. Specifically the “pumpkin patch”. Now, if you are a seasoned gardener, you will be absolutely horrified, so you might be well advised to look away.


When we rented this house, it was because of its location and the size of the garden. The house is OK, but not more. Actually I really dislike the house, but that is beside the point. I love the garden, and seeing we are animal lovers, this garden suits us perfectly. An added bonus, Old Mamasan gets to try her hand in growing vegetables. I have no idea what I’m doing, and my “pumpkin patch” is hard proof of my ignorance.


Thing is, we have so much room to grow things that the Karate Kid and myself went absolutely nuts in planting and seeding carrots, herbs, tomatoes and to fill out space – small, decorative pumpkins.

I do have a tendency to put off reading instructions until after the deed is done. Not this time 🙂 I read what the package said. It said that the seeds would grow into plants of 80-100 cm long, and that they could either climb or be stretched out on the ground. Oh goodie! I bought a cone of sorts for them to climb in, and planted the seeds all around the cone. Good going!


Next to it I planted some herbs, as we had soooooo much space! Right!

Now this theory would work out just fine, if only someone would have instructed the seeds to stop growing at the length prescribed on the packaging, I carefully stretched out one plant and measured it, and it is pushing 3 meters. It would also be most helpful if someone had the curtesy to include in the instructions; that the leaves will grow very big. Had I known this, then my plan would have been completely different!

My pumpkin patch is growing beyond the designated space, and in something that looks like a hostile takeover, some of my herbs and tomatoes has wilted due to lack of space and light. I guess I can safely say that my way of learning to garden – is by doing it wrong!

But. I will have the prettiest decorations on my dinner table in the fall. Guaranteed!




19 thoughts on “It’s a trial and error thing!

  1. Beautiful. May I ask why you can’t eat it?

    You guys have a nice garden. 🙂

    You live in Denmark right?

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games
      We got everything you want honey, we know the names
      We are the people that can find whatever you may need
      If you got the money honey we got your disease

      Guns N Roses 🙂 Rock on! (I know I will, that tune is now stuck in my head)

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  2. The packaging said that they were for decorations only, so I really don’t know if they are eatible at all. They are supposed to be small, but I have my doubts when i see how long the plants grow…

    Yup, we are doing some years in Denmark now 🙂 It might be a forever thing – or it might not…

    Not sure how nice the garden is – it is terribly overgrown…

    Thank you for your kind feedback, Anand.


  3. Hi, loved your story. My little brother planted pumpkin seeds once. He was no gardener at all. When we visited his garden I saw him watering his garden by throwing water on the FLOWERS. 🙂 Happy gardening

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  4. I have the same texture issues! Mushrooms make me want to run away like a two year old lol.

    You can’t trust the internet with the plant sizes… My daughter planted flowers for me for mother’s day when she was 5. When it was about 2 ft. high and taking up half of our bay window, I looked up how big it was supposed to get – no taller than 6 inches!!! When we moved, it had grown to over 4 ft. tall (taller than my daughter at the time) and had done this vine-link growth that completely covered the window. I came to the conclusion that it had been planted with so much love that it made it giant sized. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive our move a couple of years ago. Because it was so large, most the stems snapped when we moved it. 😦

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  5. With a short growing season here, the sign of the pumpkin indicates Autumn has arrived. Not only the pumpkin itself, but pumpkin flavored everything – seriously everything. From ice cream, to coffee, to coffee flavored milk, pies, donuts, custards, marshmallows, you name it, the people in the area “pumpkin it” in an overdose fashion. I like to keep it simple and just roast it. I can see how the texture may turn some people off, it can be a bit stringy and smoochie in one mouthful (LOL)

    I am so happy to see that a simple conversation inspired you to expand on it 🙂


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