In Spain they have an interesting way of solving parking issues. If there is no parking space available by the curb in front of the store, post office, restaurant or pub, it is socially acceptable to park illegally, even double park. Just park your car in the street, making sure that you block the way for at least two legally parked cars, slap your emergency blinkers on, and go tend to your business – even when there is a long line and you have to wait for 30 minutes – or you are going for a beer with your mates. Now, this isn’t exactly legal, but you can get away with it more often than not.

One day I came out of the grocery store to find a police man writing up a parking ticket. Mind you, the old Fiat was parked illegally, but I still got rather upset at him writing up a ticket. Of course, me being me, I let the police man know how I felt about the ticket – and I repeatedly pointed out the emergency blinkers were on, in an attempt to justify the illegal parking. The fact that my Spanish was rather poor, did not stop me. The sentiment was clear as day. The policeman was not so impressed by me and my expression of feelings, so he quickly wrote up another ticket. I told him I felt it was rather unnecessary, but that just prompted him to write up a third ticket, and slapped it quite rudely on the old Fiat.

At this time I had enough, so I turned and walked away. My car was parked around the corner. Legally.


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10 thoughts on “Double park much?

  1. Haha, happy ending this time! But there are some hidden systems in Spanish illegal parking. I think you must live there for at least 40 years to be accepted using those systems…

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  2. Hahaha, I feel rules are justified–if only all people follow them–make life better for most of us–but sadly it’s ideal. I have read many slips 😀

    Funny story.


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  3. Hi Olive, just letting you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster award, I know, its nothing new to you but anyway, it was a “must do” for me 🙂
    you can see it here:


  4. Oh, yes. While giving us a little Driving 101 and handing over the car keys, our host told us that, so long as they’re no yellow line and the car will fit, go for it! She specifically pointed out that double parking is common practice; go for it!

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