14 thoughts on “Calling all Healers!

  1. Hi Olive,
    Reading your post about being ‘healed’ from smoking made me remember my own struggles with cigarettes. I started very young and continued for almost 30 years. I quit hundreds of times. I tested every patch, pill, hypnosis, talk therapy, groups, tapes, diet, avoiding things that triggered the desire, you name it and I tried it. But – I always started again.
    Now I’ve been cigarette free for over 15 years and wouldn’t think of going back to the unhealthy habit. When I quit for the last time, it was easy after a couple days of withdrawal, it was over for good. I used nothing other than my own TRUE desire to stop. I really wanted to be free of the habit and the social outcast that it seemed to make me. Only other smokers wanted to be in my company, home or car.
    I guess what I want to say is – Only you can ‘heal’ yourself from smoking, when you are truly ready you will stop. I encourage you to continue trying anything you think might help and to spend some time each day thinking about why you want to smoke and why you want to quit.
    Good luck and call on me anytime you need to chat or vent. I know you will ‘heal’ yourself. 
    Sincerely, Mary

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    1. Thanks Mary, I am aware that I am the only one that can “heal” me of smoking. I just needed something mesurable to ask the “Healers” to hea me from, as I am healthy and fit otherwise 🙂

      Wonderful to hear that you made it smoke-free 15 years ago! You Rock!


  2. I am very good at giving up smoking, I’ve done it many times. I am 2 yrs stopped now, too scared to start again ‘cos I can’t afford it. That ciggie looks good though and I can still smell fresh smoke a mile a way, through walls & windows!

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  3. I too am a smoker but an involuntary one. I read somewhere that if you lived in Delhi, you might as well be smoking 10 cigarettes a day. All I can say is that the day you find a strong reason to give it up, you will. A promise to the person dearest to you, could be one. Think about it. I too am thinking about leaving Delhi.

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