Have you heard the story about the elected county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, whom – on the basis of her «god» has been denying marriage licenses to homosexuals?

This woman, Kim Davis, holding an elected position in the county of Rowan, Kentucky – puts her personal beliefs before the law. She broke her oath to uphold the Constitution and then she defied a court order so she could deny government services to couples who are legally entitled to be married. Now that’s just stupid!

Her ass was hailed to jail, for she is – in fact – a law-breaker. A criminal. Up to this point I’m fine with it. She broke the law, got a stern talking-to, continued to break the law, and got hailed to jail. The system works.

Now, the reaction she gets when she is released from jail, and the fact that some politicians defend her, this is what makes Old Mamasan cringe. Take a look at this:

This person is celebrated as a hero? What. The. Fuck!!??

You may ask – what does this has to do with Love (as my title suggests)?

Exactly! Where is the LOVE?

I don’t give a rats ass abut who you fall in love with. I don’t care what gender they are. I don’t care what education they have. I don’t care how wealthy they are. I don’t care what color their skin is. The only thing I care about is that they are good people, and that you treat each other good. But I am not a Christian fundamentalist, so I assume it is easier for me not to pass judgement on which way you’re bent.

Kim Davis is passing judgement based on scriptures she:

  1. Has not read
  2. Has not understood
  3. All of the above

I am leaning against option number 3 above. Why? Because she is not following the rules of the Bible herself. She is currently in her fourth marriage, and according to the Bible, that is a no go. (She got divorced in 1994, 2006 and 2008). Furthermore, she has committed adultery. 5 months after the divorce from her first husband she birthed twins. The twins were fathered by her third husband, and adopted by husband number two. (Man, she must be great in bed! Husband two, three and four all wanted to be with her despite her adultery).

I just have to sidestep here, and tell a story from my own life. Way back, I was dating a Christian. We respected each other’s beliefs (or lack of) and got along just great. Until the day I was to meet his pare11222072_10153444189941622_4430625567983940258_nnts. Quite fundamental Christians, his dad was even a minister of some sort in a weirdo little church community. Old Mamasan brought a nice bottle of wine as a gift for the parents – because that is what my culture calls for. A bottle of wine, flowers or chocolate is very common. I chose wine. Now, what do I get? Yup, I get an earful on how sinful it is to drink wine. I was just as opinionated back then as I am now, so my response was “So Jesus was a sinner, crack that bottle open and let’s make a toast for Jesus!” The parents stared at me in disbelief. Their faces turning bright red, and I was labelled as “Satan’s child”. Hey, I can live with that. At least Satan gave me the ability to read! Jesus turned water to wine. It says so right there in the fathers holy book! Let’s just say that I was persona non grata in that household and the relationship didn’t last.

11880454_10153407269361622_8416060344617402827_nTo get back to Kim Davis; the interesting thing here is that homosexuality is barely mentioned in the Bible, but adultery made Gods top ten list of faux pas! The sixth or seventh commandment, depending on what version of the book you read, says: “Thou shalt not commit adultery”

Again – where is the LOVE? Kim Davis loves only herself and her own needs (god knows she has got enough love to spread around on four husbands), and she uses her religion as a shield and as a way of justifying her blatant disregard for other people’s constitutional rights. Kim Davis does not even love her God – she wants to be god! When her time of Devine judgement comes around, she will not be invited to hang out in deep conversation with Jesus. Nope. She’s got a fast track ticket to the warm place downstairs, where she will dance on the table with her lovers. That is what her idea of love will get her. I do not feel sorry for her.

 He is YOUR god, they are YOUR rules, YOU burn in hell.

Oh, and they ruined Survivors “Eye of the Tiger” for me. Now, that’s just rude!


18 thoughts on “Love Much?

  1. She’s a filthy heffer who is part of the American Taliban. People like her and who LIKE her and who think she is a good “cough* Christian all need to have their heads examined. I’m sure her parents are her older siblings. She is the downfall of our American civilization. Oh don’t even get me started on that moronic and hateful bitch!

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  2. Amen to that.

    It’s scary to think how many small-minded people roam this world – and how we’re willing to give their ignorance media coverage.

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  3. And everyone in this country has the FREEDOM to follow their own beliefs. All I saw on these comments were a bunch of hater too. You are no better. Blessings to you all, you need them ❤

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I disagree with you on all counts. The same sex couples in Rowan county, Kentucky, is being denied to follow their beliefs by Davis. Also Davis is NOT free to practice her beliefs at her job, as she has made an oath NOT to. If she can not comply with the separation of church and state then she is not eligeble to hold that job.

      Also the commenters here are expressing their meanings, they are not trying to stop anyone from following their beliefs.


      1. They can follow whatever beliefs they want as long as they follow the law and not hinder others following their beliefs. Another post on this is on the way, if you are interested 🙂


      2. Not really, I’ll be interested when they start protecting the unborn lives that are murdered every day. People will answer for that. Those are living, heart beating, thinking and most importantly FEELING human beings. So no I’m really not interested in anymore of your thoughts. Blessings, I guess

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      3. Abortion is not a topic in my post, so I would like to save a discussion about that until I actually write one.

        Too bad you are not interested in my thoughts, because I think you bring an interesting argument to the table. For instance, to follow your retorics, that everyone in the US has the freedom to follow their own beliefs – I guess that means that you are OK with fundamental mormons marrying children and impregnating them? Remember, they have the freedom to follow their beliefs! What about fundamental muslims wanting to follow sharia laws? Should we deny them the freedom of following their beliefs when it comes to pouring acid over their daughters, and stoning them to death, because they got raped? Do you really feel that is OK? Or – will you only allow those sharing the same beliefs as yourself to follow them?


  4. What about the doctor’s who don’t believe in abortion??? Should they be forced to perform one or lose their job, hmmmm… This country, America became America b/c they wanted religious freedom from England. The should be allowed to keep her job and just go to some one else to get the license. Geeez it seems that when ever they legalize something it just creates more problems !!!!!

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      1. And no, I would advise you to read american history again. USA did not become USA because they wanted religious freedom from England.


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