My pervious post in The Sundry Sunday Scoff was a translation and partial rewrite of a Norwegian post where call on Healers to heal me from my smoking-habits. My original post was a response to a Norwegian healer and conspiration-theorist, who declared her mortgaged property a solemn state and handed in her passport to the Major, then refused to pay both the mortgage and taxes. Naturally she made headlines in Norway when she was ejected from the property, and the property was repossessed. Stupid much?

Meme single-handedly stolen off a facebook-group.

Anyways, right after posting my original Norwegian post on my blog, I posted a link on her open facebook-page (where she had originally posted her offer of clairvoyant reading and healing), along with a nicely put question if she could heal me. Less than 30 mins later, I returned to see if there was a response, or interesting or funny new posts. There was a response all right! I was blocked from her open facebook-page. Excluded. Curbed. Rejected. Denied. Revoked. Banned.

After I got over the initial shock of being blocked from such a wonderful person who offers healing for anything that might be wrong with you, and the tears dried out on my cheeks – I started thinking and came up with the following possible explanations of blocking me in my genuine need of healing:

  1. She is a fake, cannot heal. She got scared of the possibility of being exposed as a fraud.
  2. Now that she no longer has a property to pay for, she does not need my rather generous offer.
  3. She does not think that my need for her help is grave enough. She would rather wait ‘til I get cancer.
  4. 11707630_10153353848396622_249423482096366079_n
    Old Mamasan is being bullied by a Healer!

    She read that I am a sceptic and refuses to heal me. Of course I would have an open mind and hope that the healing would work. If not then it is doomed to fail, which would indeed be counter-productive. I do wish to quit smoking!

  5. This is how she practices her healing. She blocked me so I cannot accuse her of neither cold nor warm reading. I don’t know how these things work! For all I know she might have sent me healing energy for over a month! She is clairvoyant, so she is fully aware that it has not worked this far (lights up a cig)

No matter the reason, I still think it would be courteous of her as a service provider to offer an explanation. To just block someone like that, with no explanation, no communication – feels like bullying. Even the worst form of “girl-bullying”, you know; exclusion and starting rumors. Yup, I’ll go for that one: I feel bullied by a clairvoyant healer!

The offer stands. If you are a healer and believe you can heal me from my smoking addiction then there are NOK 25.000,- up for grabs! Leave a comment and we’ll get in touch!

7 thoughts on “Bullied by Healer

    1. Oh, and shes clairvoyant! If it were a facebook-malfunction she’d know – AND she can talk to dead people, finding me, a mere mortal, shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

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