Dear Right-Now Me,

I have some things to say to me, and I better listen!

Stop bitching and complaining about my writing space. I know it’s not ideal, but give it a rest, already! I have after all written a couple blogposts that I am darn happy with in that lazy boy in the living room, while the Karate Kid is watching telly right next to me. That I can’t get started on my book, has nothing to do with where I write! As of right now, it is what it is, deal with it!

Focus on how I want my writing space to be. Where I am right now, there are a couple possibilities, and just because the first two are not ideal, does not mean that the third option won’t work better.

Stop worrying about getting the dream house. As I know from experience, there are many dream houses and if I don’t get the first one, then something better will come along. Yes, I do wish for a writing space that does not share a function with something else, like in this house. I want an office where I can close the door and be alone with my writing, a space that does not double as a guest room, or a kitchen, or a living-room. It will come; I just need to have patience.

I must think positive; bullshit like “I don’t know how to write a book” and “I can’t concentrate on writing from the lazy boy with the TV on” is not helping. I have already proven to myself that I can write, I can even write well – even when the physical space is not ideal. The blogger from “Silence speaks”, who writes from a spiritual perspective, really got me thinking in her post Letter to the atheists Now, she is not succeeding in turning me into a believer of anything supernatural or religious, but she sets forth something positive and hopeful in her text, that I really needed today. Furthermore, she reminded me that I have the power to change my future and my thoughts. I am very thankful for that.

When I do get my very own writing space, or home office, imagine the fun blogposts I can write on DIY and decorating the office. That will be a nice little expansion to my blog. The experiences of writing from not so ideal spaces will be a great guide on how not to furnish and decorate my new space.

Do I really think that my new place will be so inspiring that my book will write itself? *giggles* In a dream-world it will. But realistically speaking; no it won’t. But, it will eliminate one of the things I bitch and complain about, and I will not be able to use that as an excuse as of why I have not started my book.

Because I do make excuses. Much.



2 thoughts on “Make Excuses Much?

  1. Hey! So you’re house hunting? Fun! In the meantime, create your own ideal space by making it a frame of mind. It gets easier the more you write, to make your writing space your own head, not a physical location. Take your notebook with you wherever you go. You never know when inspiration will strike! Try headphones with non-vocal music playing (even if it is loud rock) to drown out the telly so you can even write from the lazy boy. And let us know when you find that dream house, we’ll want to see pictures!

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    1. Oh there will be pictures allright 🙂 It is a tad scary to buy in a new country though…

      Thanks for the advise, i’ll try headphones and maybe turn the lazy boy around so i cant see the TV.

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