I could hear his muffled snores from upstairs. It knew it would be a nice surprise for him to have coffee and breakfast in bed. I had never done this for him before. As the cat purred and shimmied against my legs I envisioned the reception I would get while gently waking him up with a nice tray of breakfast in bed.

I peeled the perfectly boiled egg, and put it along with some nice shrimp on a toasted and lightly honey buttered rye toast. I added on some fresh mesclun and pomegranate seeds. I quickly put juice, yoghurt and frozen fruits in the blender and wazzed it up. I listened for his continuous muffled snores as I poured the smoothie into a tall, fancy glass. He was still sound asleep. Good.20150718_131425

I decided to do a double shot of espresso in his wake-up latte and headed over to the bright red Nescafe machine in the corner of the glistening black countertop. I steamed the milk, and tried to make a star pattern in the foam as I poured the double shot of espresso. It looked more like a starfish, but it’s the thought that counts, right? A star on the morning coffee, as a symbol of the star of a day I wished him to have. I knew I looked ridiculous actually patting myself on the back, but not even the cat noticed.

The before gently muffled snores grew louder for every step I came closer to his half open bedroom door. Balancing the tray containing his Danish open-faced sandwich (smørrebrød), the fancy glass of smoothie, a single red rose, the morning paper and the latte shining like the star I had drawn in the foam; I gently pushed the door open with my foot and entered the room.



The blood was pumping in my veins, my face still bright red, I pulled up a chair at my favorite coffee shop and sat down with my latte. I tried to compose myself, but found it hard to let go of my anger. It had been so very uncalled for. In fact, I thought he had been very rude, Snapping at me like that!

Seriously – when I bring you breakfast in bed, a simple “thank you” will suffice. None of this “How the hell did you get into my house”-bullshit! Jeeezz!

(This story is expanded from a status update I have been using for years, but do not know the origin of)


The Story Behind a Door

21 thoughts on “Breakfast in bed

  1. Oh my gosh, that was AMAZING. I didn’t expect the twist (and I’m a huge O. Henry fan, so I usually see those coming). I thought you were going to enter the room and he would startle awake, flailing and sending the coffee flying. 😉

    Really really really enjoyed that. Your style is super.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I had to do the same. It’s not as hard as it sounds once you’ve done it, ha!

        Not sure if I asked you on another post already; please share a link to one of your posts in the comments of my latest post! It’s a networking post. I’ll definitely read it and hopefully others will, too. 🙂


  2. Funny story!! When i started reading i was imagining and expecting the happy ending and was thinking i will also do the same 😉

    Your style of writing is amazing!! Loved it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, glad you liked.

      I have never done a gueat post and have no clue how that works, but am willing to have a go at it. I would need step by step instructions though – I’m not real tech savvy…


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