Due to a 12-hour shift yesterday The Sundry Sunday Scoff is a day late. I do apologize.

Two months after my original posts in Norwegian, where I search for a healer to heal me from smoking, and two weeks after my translation/rewrite Calling all healers and Bullied by healer, no healer has contacted me and accepted my terms. Those I have contacted directly have blocked me without response, and some have just ignored my request. The very few that have communicated with me at all, does not accept my terms. They want to be prepaid – a term I am not accepting. How am I to know, while lying in Solitude on the sofa and “opening up to receive healing, universal energies” – that the healer actually does what he/she is paid to do? For all I know they can be playing angry birds, picking their nose and laugh all the way to the bank. Seems to me that the patient/customer is expected to put a whole lotta faith in the healer – while the healer takes no responsibilities, and will not put any faith in his/her patient/customer. They “do not believe in diagnoses”, but still wants to psychoanalyse me? What’s up with that?

Healer – There is an underlying blockage that prevents you from living your life to its fullest potential in guidance and understanding with your soul and universal energy and love and light. I want to remove those blockings in you.

Old Mamasan – Eeerrr… Come again, please?

Healer – I want to find the cause of your smoking habit, tell me about your early childhood – did anything happen that traumatized you?

Old Mamasan – I did not smoke in my early childhood.

What the healer is doing here – is to search for something to blame, should he be confronted with failure. He would need more time (read: more money) to work on whatever is “blocking” you from fulfilling your “true potential” and blah blah blah. He is searching for something to throw right back in your face: It’s your own god damned fault that healing does not work on you, because you are not Open-Minded enough! I find that quite confusing really – as many healers (and this one in particular) claim on his own homepage that healing works – whether you believe in it or not. So what gives?

Another example, and a funny one at that, that they fish for something to blame when if they fail in healing you:

Healer: What is it worth for YOU to quit smoking?

Old Mamasan: NOK 25.000,-

Healer: No, I mean; what is it worth PERSONALLY for you to quit smoking?

Old Mamasan: NOK 25.000,-

Healer: Let’s leave numbers out of it; can you explain to me in words what it is worth for you as a person, a human being?

Old Mamasan: Twentyfive thousand.

Another thing that seems to be a common denominator with the healing-kind, besides wanting to be paid up front – is that they can’t/won’t guarantee anything, and that the patient/customer lets him/herself  be healed at own risk. There are no refunds! YOU are not open minded enough! Its like taking my money for a blender that wont blend, and when I want to get my money back for the faulty apparatus, they slap you with a pre-signed indemnity form. Those of you who have fallen for con-artists like this – stop being stupid! Go find a homeless person and spend your money on him instead. Treat him to a haircut and a sturdy meal. You will not get any better from whatever illness you are suffering from – but you will feel good for doing this for another human being in real need.

Many healers also claim clairvoyance, and I wonder why do we have to contact them at all? If they are clairvoyant, and have a true calling of healing those in need, why can’t they pick up on cries for help? Maybe they do hear you from your hospital bed. But they can’t start healing you just like that! They have to wait, so they can get your money before they start healing you. I think they call it a sound business sense. Also interesting to see that psychics never hit the lottery. What gives? Why not win the lottery, and spend the winnings on healing people? “Oh no”, they say, “you cannot use your clairvoyance for personal gain.”  I’m confused; getting paid for their services is not for personal gain?

The healers I have been in contact with, all claim to “be absolutely for real. Honest!” I can’t argue with that, I do believe that the healers I have spoken with are real people, with blood in their veins, not machines. But can they heal? No way, Jose! These «absolutely for real»-healers are all interested in unveiling and exposing all the frauds in their «occupation». In other words – they have no qualms in throwing their colleagues under the bus. Yanno, get rid of the competition. Thus, quite telling of the grade of FPP (Fantasy Prone Personality) these people are suffering from – in combination with Napoleon complex. They will not get offended by me saying this at all, they do not believe in diagnosis – “diagnose does not exist, everything is energy, and energy is everything.”

I think it is disrespectful, dishonest, unethical, immoral and very mean to charge money for a completely useless “service”, and when they fail, they add to the burden of their patients/customers by claiming the fault is within the patient/customer. You are not open minded enough! Healers are bad, bad people. They are con artists and do not deserve any respect.

Love and light, baby! Love and light!

7 thoughts on “You are not open minded enough!

  1. Ok. I’ll give it a shot. (No payment needed.) But I need your support. If you don’t have faith in this remedy, it won’t work. You’ll have to do what I ask you do – no questions asked. And you have to do it exactly as I ask you to do it. Don’t smoke. Stop smoking now! (And if it doesn’t work, it means you didn’t have faith!) – We’ve got healers of all kinds, in all forms roaming the streets of India. They claim to cure you of any and every illness – all you need to do is pay. Fantastic post!

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  2. It’s a wonderful critique. People do all sorts of things to get money and fame and they will to any extent to beguile innocent people. Awareness spread is a great help to all humanity. Great job, Olive 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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