In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick or Treat.”

This spring, the Karate Kid and I sowed pumpkinseeds with great success. Oh my how big the plants got – I have written about it here. I also promised feedback, and this post is making good on that promise.

Today I harvested my jungle of a “pumpkin-patch”. I was quite pleased to see that there were many pumpkins of different colors and shapes.

A big plastic bag is half-full with pumpkins

I feel confident that The Karate Kid will try to carve some of these into fitting scary-faces before Halloween. If it fails, perhaps because they are too small, then Old Mamasan will (of course) buy him a couple bigger ones.

1-169486_10151426517581622_1710542566_o (1)

I have experienced an American Halloween, and OMG I loved it! It was soooooo much fun! Back home in Norway it is not nearly as much fun. Many are totally against it – as it is not a Norwegian tradition. The nay-sayers do put a damper on the whole thing, much to my dismay. So. I have been trying to fight it by making Halloween special for my family.

We have made witches-hands, crazy monkey brains and goblin-eyes, served with troll-mucus. We have hosted parties and dressed up and carved pumpkins. We have tried our damndest to scare the shit out of the neighbor kids with decorations and howls and screams. But it’s still not as good as I remember it in Reno. 


Last year in Spain, it was pretty good. I initiated a Halloween-Party at the Norwegian school, and helped arrange it. It was good fun! Adults and kids seemed to enjoy it, and OMG did we have cake! Pretty cakes, funny cakes, scary cakes. It was all good! We also raised a pretty penny to increase the budget for class-trips and excursions. I am also quite pleased with the invitation I made for the party.

This year, however, I am not sure what to do. All my Halloween-gear is all packed away, and I will be working on Halloween, but it is the day shift. Tivoli is open for Halloween and is all decorated, and seeing we do not have much of a contact-net here in Denmark, I think it will be the safest bet to visit Tivoli. Must remember to bring camera.

Until then, at least we have some pretty pumpkins to decorate the house with. I think they look really cool.

Here is a siamese pumpkin. Way cool!
There are so many that I basically stuck a bunch of them in a lantern…
Also got my pre-Halloween scare – as the stems have prickles on them. Nasty little buggers.



I hope The Karate Kid is not too cool to dress up this year
I know Sir Nerdalot and Old Mamasan likes to dress up.
The Karate Kid and Old Mamasan happy after yet another fun Halloween.

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