I don’t know if I have told you, but I like autumn. In fact, it’s on my top four seasons!  Many people hate the fact that it gets darker and colder, but I really don’t mind it. Here is a list of what I like about fall (in no particular order):

Visiting cafés

I do enjoy this all year around, but there is something special about going into a warm cafe and unbuttoning your coat and taking your hat off. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something really satisfying about warming my shivering on both a hot beverage and the ambiance in the cafe. I enjoy this, both alone, with family and with friends.1-11252645_10153307277451622_7384999231602524849_n

Movie night

I enjoy a good movie all year around, but in spring and summer I’ll rather sit outside in my garden and enjoy the evening sun. When it gets darker and colder – what better then to sit down and watch a good movie with your loved ones? And even better – going to the cinema! (I’m thinking that the new Bond-movie will look really good at the big screen.



Yes I can light a candle in summer. But I usually don’t. What is the point when the sun is up till 11 at night? Fall is candle-season. Light them up if you got ’em!



Decay can be so incredibly pretty.



The crisp, cold, clean air

It just feels good!

As the air is see-through and thus very hard to photograph, I chose to forgo the illustrative photo on this point. You just have to imagine it.


The weather varies greatly, and unless it is really extreme, you can still enjoy it outdoors. There is something satisfactory about putting on rain clothes and boots and go for a walk.



In wintertime you do wintery things; skiing, tabagoning, shoveling snow.

In springtime you do gardeny things; plant, shovel, mow

In summer you do summery things: sunbathe, swim, play beach volley

In autumn you read.



In the fall you harvest and then you cook. You cook hardy, good foods. Absolutely love it! And you bake.



Oh snuggling up under the blanket, sipping to a cup of hot tea and reading your book while the autumn storm is having a field day outside your window.


Wool socks

I hate cold feet. Love wool socks.



Over here most people find it to be too “American”. I really enjoy seeing the little kids knocking on my door in their costumes, high on sugar and on the whole situation. And if I get to give them a good scare – that’s an added bonus.



Another non-Norwegian thing I have adopted. I just do it as an excuse to cook turkey with all the wonderful trimmings and have people over.


Head Lamp

This is self-explanatory, right?


X-mas magazines

As an atheist, why would I even celebrate X-mas? Cuz’ I’m an enigma. (And this is a coming blogpost.) But I will declare loud and clear – I do love Christmas. Not for the birth of Christ, but as a family thing, the food, the decorations, the tradition. In the fall I will get every X-mas magazine there is, and I will enjoy them thoroughly.


Duffel coat, boots, hat, scarf, gloves

What can I say? I do like to bundle up and be warm and cozy despite the cold weather. And it looks cool.



No explanation necessary.

1-12143087_10153509602516622_8813804222420678472_n (1)

Visiting Museums

A great in-door activity providing educational family fun is visiting Museums. We love it!



Nothing like a lil’ snooze on the sofa, eh?


Now, that was some of my favs about fall – What do you like about autumn?

5 thoughts on “What I like about fall

  1. Here in Nepal, we celebrate Dashain and Tihar, two biggest festivals of Nepal in Autumn. It’s a festive season. The wind gets magical. After that there is reaping of paddy. It’s so pleasant!


  2. All great reasons to love the longer nights and the more colourful days.
    A post that makes me feel kind of snuggly inside 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree in most arguments! I wrote about my love for autumn in some posts too! It’s my favorite time to light a fire to cook on. Cozy be sides the Q with a beautiful landscape, sundowns, …

    Liked by 1 person

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