After a habitus of some months, what better way to warm up this dormant blog then by putting up some really cold and breathtaking pictures?

One thing I really, really love about living in Denmark is being only 4 hours away from my sister in Sweden. It’s just a small ferry-ride, and I do mean small; it is impossible to do both the tax-free shopping, visit the bathroom, have a hotdog AND smoke. You can do three out of four, but not all four…

My sister lives in a little, red cottage in the forest. You can only imagine the possibilities for walks with the dogs. Here is a small collection of the pretty, wintery sights at and around my sister’s property.

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Important when you go out in -16C is to dress well. Layers of wool is the best, and good, warm outer clothing. As you can see, the exposed areas quickly freeze, like my hair. 


To get warm, it is always a safe bet to cuddle on my sister’s horse, my little brother, Von Bråten – a retired trotter horse, and the best boy in the whole wide world. He’ll be 26 in May and is still fit as a fiddle.



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