If you are expecting sexually explicit stories from my personal life in this post, you will be disappointed. The Intercourse I am referring to is a little town in Pennsylvania, US. No it’s not a joke. It actually IS called Intercourse! (*giggles*)

Intercourse is located in Lancaster County, PA, and has a population of a mere 1274 (2010 census). (Low population numbers might be a sign that the inhabitants do not practice what they preach.) This town is in the middle of “Amish country”. I will write a separate post about the Amish, but the short version is that they are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships, and they live like in the good ol’ days without modern technology. You might have seen the documentary “Breaking Amish” on the telly? Well, this is them, and this is where they live.


Back to Intercourse (*while Old Mamasan shamelessly continue to giggle*); Intercourse is a very popular site for tourists because of its location in Amish country and for its sexually suggestive name, the sign posts for the town is frequently stolen (Go figure! *giggle*). Other place names that I guess frequently have their sign posts stolen are Blue Ball, Fertility, Smoketown, Ronks (this might be funny to Scandinavians only) and Paradise. Or how about planning a route like this: Leave Ronks, go to Blue Ball, Intercourse, Paradise, Smoketown (if you smoke after Intercourse, you’re doing it too fast!) and end destination Fertility? (*giggles have now passed into full-fledged belly laughs while rolling on floor and slapping knees, while snorting and gasping for air*) Seriously, this whole area were settled and inhabited by deeply religious people, what the heck went on in their warped minds while naming these towns? (And there are more funny names; they just didn’t fit on my map.)


Ooooh I sooo need to focus on Intercourse here (*ROFLMAO*):  Intercourse was founded in 1754, and was originally named Cross Keys. It changed name to Intercourse in 1814, and there are three theories for the origin of the name, as stated on the Village home page:

“First, our town used to sit at the edge of a race course, right where visitors would enter the racing festivities. The entrance was coined “Entercourse” and may have evolved into Intercourse. Or, the name may have come from the Intersection of two major roads, or courses. The Old Kings Highway which traveled from Pittsburg to Philadelphia and the route from Wilmington, Delaware to Erie, Pennsylvania. One final theory suggests the town was named after a phrase commonly used at the time of the town’s founding. In early English, Intercourse was used to refer to fellowship and social interaction shared in a community of faith, a description still relevant to our town today.”

Intercourse is a picturesque village, where you often hear the cloppeti-clopp of the Amish horse and buggies. We were there so early in the morning (and on a Monday, when the Treasure Place is closed), that not a lot was open yet, which surprised me as the Amish tend to get up at crack of light. Or so I thought. Maybe the Amish roosters slept in that day.

The Corner Coffee Shop is a part of a shopping place Smucker Village. In addition to being extremely cozy and absolutely adorable, they also served great coffee. Starbucks doesn’t even play in the same division, trust me, we have tried quite a few, read about that in I ❤ NY – Cawfee much?.

I would just love to go back to Intercourse in the summertime, with a thick wallet and lots of baggage space to fill up. (I suspect Sir Nerdalot knew that the Treasure Place were closed on Mondays, and deliberately planned it this way.)

If your answer to my question “Intercourse much?” is “No”, then you need to change that! You just cannot miss out on Intercourse, you’ll absolutely love it! (I’m sorry. I can’t stop laughing)

(Note to self: Now that being a serious travel blogger is out the window, a Plan B needs to be thought up fast!)


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    1. Thanks! The funny names were an added – and greatly appreciated – bonus when visiting Amish country. Glad you liked, hope you giggled like I did when I wrote it 🙂

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