For those of you that do not follow NHL (National Hockey League), the #Rock the Red might appear as an enigma. I will not hold you in suspense – but reveal right now that Rock the Red is the Washington Capitals team motto. The Washington Capitals are an American professional ice hockey team – based in Washington D.C – that competes in NHL.

When visiting Washington D.C. with a former hockey player (he was talented too! Won the Norwegian Championship as a youth) – do you think there is any way to not go to a game? No, Sir! Of course NHL is interesting in itself – its faster, bigger and badder then what we see in Norway. (Although our home team is of course the very best; FORZA OILERS!)

Sir Nerdalot practising his primal scream to be used as cheers when the Caps scores, and embarrassing the Karate Kid in the process.
This is Old Mamasans “Oh I am so excited”-look


Sir Nerdalot was skipping and dancing all around Washington D.C. all day in anticipation of the game.  It was quite interesting to see the city turn more and more red as the day turned to afternoon and evening. All the supporters wore red jerseys, hats or scarves.

Sir Nerdalot made us go early too – because he had a date with the supporter shop. Let me tell you, the MasterCard almost melted in there! (Of course, as a good lil’ wife, I said nothing to his spending, I just tallied up the amounts for later revenge.)

The “Caps” were founded in 1974 and their home hockey rink is the Verizon Center right, smack downtown Washington D.C. It was within walking distance from our hotel and very easy to find. We didn’t need any directions or maps – we just followed the red stream. It was a very nice arena, with food, snacks and drinks places evenly distributed, but Sir Nerdalot had not gotten us the best seats. We were seated very high up, so the puck was impossible to follow. But it was fun to be there anyways.

Right in front of us there was a couple, obviously out on their first date. Every time the young lady got up to go to the bathroom or whatever, the young man took notes on his smartphone. Notes about what he had learned about her through conversing.  When I asked Sir Nerdalot if he had done the same on our first date, the Karate Kid jumped in with one of his snarky teenage comments: “You would have noticed if he had brought a boulder, chisel and hammer to take notes, mom!” (And that’s when the rest of his inheritance got redistributed)

I was a little surprised at the lack of chanting and cheering, though. I had expected the American supporters to be, well, typical American… Yanno, loud and obnoxious.

The game was against the Arizona Coyotes and the Caps won 3-2, after they almost gave it away on several occasions. Of course they didn’t really give it away; they are after all the best! I am not kidding you – they did win the league!


Slapshot (which also means the hardest shot you can make) is the Caps mascot. He is a large bald eagle who wears the number 00 on his jersey.  He even has his own home page (or is it home nest in eagle terms?) check it out here.

When writing about hockey, there’s no getting around the Zamboni. The Zamboni is an ice resurfacing vehicle developed by Frank Zamboni in 1949. Frank Zamboni was originally in the refrigeration business, and as the demand for ice blocks waned, he had to find another way to capitalize on his expertese with ice. To resurface a skating rink manually is a very time consuming process, so thank goodness for the Zamboni, or we might still be at the game!

After the game, Sir Nerdalot kept his red Caps jersey on, and I must say that was a very good ice breaker (pun intended). Everyone we met on our way back to the hotel and in the hotel lobby wanted to know the scores from the game. Sir Nerdalot is still rocking the red jersey all the time, and is only changing into his Oilers one when the Caps jersey is rocking the washing mashine.

Washington Capitals – you have gained a diehard fan over here in Europe!

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