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Oh, what a wonderful vacation it was! What an Adventure! We saw so much! We experienced so much! We ate so much! We didn’t come home with great tans this time, but that wasn’t the type of vacation we were after anyways. The tickets were bought on a whim (see the first post from the list below, it is funny), and we took it from there. Sir Nerdalot being just who he is – a nerd – took it upon himself to book rental cars and accommodations, despite the fact that Old Mamasan is indeed a seasoned Travel Agent. Have to hand it to the Nerd though – he did well!

Somewhere along the way…

Posts written before the vacation:

Impulse Control vs. Sir Nerdalot

Travel Book Much?

Upcoming travel

We kind of knew what we wanted to see and experience, so the entire vacation was planned accordingly. Well, the outline was planned, the details came while on the vacation. We wanted to leave a little bit for our impulsive selves.

We flew in and out of Dulles International Airport, close to Washington DC, with SAS. We got a really, really good deal on the tickets, and to sign up for newsletters from your favorite airline might be a smart move. It was for us, that is for sure.

At Dulles, we had rented a car from Budget. Being descendants from the great Norse Vikings, we opted for a not so small car, a Ford Edge or similar. Man, did we hit the jackpot! Turned out that Budget had a waaaaaaaay nicer car from their New York office, which needed to be returned, so we got a BMW X5 for the same money.

That first day, after picking up the X5, we drove to Gettysburg, PA, in crappy weather. We are used to snow covered roads, but the visibility was poor on roads we were not familiar with. We had landed at 1 PM, it took a couple hours to get through immigration, and get the car checked out – plus we were quite jetlagged. The drive therefore took its toll on us, so after dinner, we all fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow. We stayed at the Days Inn Gettysburg, for one night. The hotel was easy to find, and the room was comfortable.

06-20160216_102849We woke up early the next day, and the roads were glazed from the ice storm that night. The plan was to find a civil war museum of any kind, and the nice people at Perkins advised us to spend the day at Gettysburg National Military Park. You can read all about it (and see the pictures) here:

Gettysburg National Military Park

After visiting the Military Park Visitor center, it was time to move on to Newark and deliver the car. It was a beautiful car that was lovely to drive. At this time the roads were ice-free, so the drive up to Newark was quite nice. We had booked a hotel at Newark, but the power was gone, so they could not check us in and not even let us in to our room (everything is computer based these days, and the door locks are electronic), so we made our way to the Newark airport where we delivered the car and caught a taxi into New York, where we checked in to Wyndham Garden Manhattan Chelsea West Hotel for one night. This hotel is within walking distance to the Flatiron District – which you can read about here:

I ❤ NY – Flatiron building

The next day we moved to the hotel we had booked from home, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, at Times Square South. With this as our base, we explored the City:

Old Mamasan and Lady Liberty

I ❤ NY – Ground Zero

I ❤ NY – Union Square

I ❤ NY – City Hall Park (Civic Center)

I ❤ NY – Top of the Rock

I ❤ NY – Grant’s Tomb and the Miracle on the Hudson

I ❤ NY – Times Square

I ❤ NY – Yankee Stadium and Yogi’isms

I ❤ NY – Plaza Hotel and Central Park

I ❤ NY – Castle Clinton, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

I ❤ NY – Dum Dum, Give Me Gum Gum!

I ❤ NY – Cawfee much?

I ❤ NY – Gems and navigating the city

Cityguide: NYC 🇺🇸 (the Karate Kids words on the City)

After some really interesting days in New York City, it was again time to get on the road. The hotel arranged a transport for us back to Newark, where we picked up a new rental car, again with Budget. This time we were not lucky enough to get upgraded, but a Ford Edge was also nice.

The Karate Kid and Sir Nerdalot posing with the Ford Edge

We were headed for Lancaster, PA, but stopped for a really nice lunch at a wonderful little diner in Whitehouse Station, NJ:

Readington Diner, NJ

Eat much? (a rant on food in the USA)

When we arrived at our hotel in Lancaster, PA, the Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham, we passed the entryway and made a small detour on the highway. Second time around, we crossed a non-crossing line to get into the hotel. We did however figure it out – we just needed to pass the hotel, and make a U-turn and come back. Not the greatest of locations, but the suites were really nice, and the complimentary breakfast was also very nice. Although waffles are not – have never been – and will never be – acceptable for breakfast! Waffles are something you serve with your afternoon tea!

Lancaster is a great starting point to experience Amish Country, which we did after a good night’s sleep (followed by waffles for breakfast):

Intercourse much?

Amish country

After some Intercourse in Amish Country (*giggle*), we headed for Dulles Airport again, to deliver the rental car. From there we took a taxi into Washington D.C. and our hotel, The Hotel Harrington, from where we enjoyed the D.C.:

The Karate Kid and Old Mamasan at the Lincoln Memorial

Rock the Red! Love the D.C.

#Rock the Red! Capitals vs. Coyotes

Rock the red – The Smithsonian Institution

Rock the red – full circle

I really think we got great value out of our vacation, and during a relative short period, we crammed alot of interesting thing in there, without it ever feeling “crammed” and busy. Here is the route we took, the stops are marked with red stars.

1-13000535_970952969639532_506567390_o (2)
We started at Dulles, drove to Gettysburg, and then on to Newark, where we delivered the BMW X5. After our NYC adventure, we pcked up a Ford Edge and drove to Lancaster, and then delivered the car at Dulles before our D.C. adventure.


2-12985507_10153876965106622_6531013635553233800_nAlas our vacation came to an end, and we flew back home to Copenhagen with SAS. Coming home does have it’s advantages, and picking the pets up from the kennel is a really good thing!

Now we will live on the memories of this vacation, we will glance nostalgically at the pictures, while we look forward to the next. Just as the vacation came to an end, so does this series of US posts and Old Mamasan will move on to other topics. Hope you will stay with me, and read non-travel posts as well.

Until next time; Travel Safely and Rock On!



5 thoughts on “Our American winter vacation, a recap

  1. It looks like your road took you through Hershey, PA. That is where I live 🙂 I am also familiar with Amish Country and little towns like Intercourse and Bird-In-Hand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do remember seing the sign to Hershey, because all of a sudden I started to crave chocolate 🙂

      Isn’t it fun how blogging makes the world smaller? Here we are on different continents chatting about your town 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, indeed. I love finding people through blogging that either pass through or know the town I now live in or, better yet, have visited my hometown, Gliwice, in Poland 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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