Sir Nerdalot looking happy with his toys – like a lunatic!

From the very get-go, I knew Sir Nerdalot was a very smart nerd. I really like that about him. He saves me a lot of time looking things up. It’s just easier and more fun to ask him. But gift giving can be a pain in the sit-upon though, as you can read all about in my funny story about How I lost Sir Nerdalot, when I gifted him a telescope.

I realize now that I have created a monster, and especially now that Sir Nerdalot has got a suitable camera and the thingamajingys to connect the camera to the telescope.  The upside of his Lunar Lunacy is that I get pictures to put on my blog. So here they are, Sir Nerdalot’s The Lunar Lunatic’s two first attempts at capturing the Moon, in the words of Sir Nerdalot The Lunar Lunatic himself:

“So, for my birthday last year Old Mamasan gave me something I’ve been wanting for a while; a proper telescope. After spending some time getting the hang of the telescope itself I finally went out and bought the things I needed to connect a camera to it.

I am still fiddling around with the settings on the camera to get the best light but here’s my first attempts at lunar photography, taken from my backyard.

Looking forward to the next full moon with clear skies!”

“Second attempt at lunar photography. The moon is showing up better as it moves closer to full but I still need to figure out if it is possible to get better focus. I mean it should be possible, it’s only 370,000 km away”

Now he is patiently waiting for an eclipse to fotograph!

Despite the total lack of local culture, historic sites and lavish scenery: I would really love to visit the Moon! That would be an incredibly cool quest!

I have already written about my dream of Space Tourism, and if you are in the mood, here is my funny, short story Space travel much?

Do you dream of Space Tourism? Would you like to visit the Moon?

Howl at the Moon

12 thoughts on “Lunar Lunatic

  1. So jealous! I want a thingamajigger to attach my camera to my future telescope! Really great shots. I love how clear everything looks. Maybe focusing on one specific feature, ie a crater will get the focus you are looking for?

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  2. Shots of the moon are always interesting. Try to zoom into the terminator, its great to see mountain peaks getting the morning light while it is still night in the valleys. Did you try taking shots of Mars/

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