Diet much?

Ah, Saturday morning and time for another #WeekendCoffeeShare. This week I hope you have accepted my invitation and come over to my place.  You will be offered a selection of teas or coffees, perhaps licorice infused coffee suits your liking? Things are growing well in the garden as well, so I have made Rhubarb (the epitome of early … Continue reading Diet much?

Arctic Camping

Have you ever wondered how Camping would be in the Arctic? Where is this photo from? Svalbard  When is this photo from? May 2005 (Camping in the Arctic definatly require learning some survival skills) Where's my backpack? hosts a weekly Travel Theme Challenge. This week's theme is: Camping. Join in the fun! Against the Odds Heritage Ooh, Shiny!

A scenic and cultural gem in southwest Norway

I am currently going through a phase of feeling homesick in my Expat experience in Denmark. The word “homesick” may have negative connotations for some, but not for me. I see it as a sign of still having a sense of belonging and warm feelings for my home country and that I have not burned any … Continue reading A scenic and cultural gem in southwest Norway

Trolls from the Sagas to the internett

Now, I am not sure just how familiar you are with the Norse Sagas? They are prose and poetry about real, historic events, and some of the most known are Snorre's Sagas about the Viking Kings. We had to read this in Old Norse in High School, and despite being interested in history already then, they … Continue reading Trolls from the Sagas to the internett