Sometimes, even the most avid world traveler appreciates an exploratory trip in the local community. Today I made an even shorter trip; I stayed in my own garden. With the heatspell we have had in Denmark the last week, things have started to happen in the garden.

As you might see in the pictures, there are lots of weeds in my garden. (Edit; Sir Nerdalot pointed out to me that I had to add an S at the end of the word “weed” in my previous sentence, or the readers might misunderstand. To me this is counter intuitive, but I’ll trust the Nerd this one time as his english is better than mine. So just to clarify, I do not have any recreational weed in my garden, but on the other side – there is plenty of the kind of weeds that you can NOT put in your pipe and smoke.) Weeding is a very fine activity when you are mad at someone, but I am usually not mad long enough to get all around the garden. I do hope that all by passers recognize my weedSful garden as a sign of a happy family life. (OK, the Nerd is going to the doghouse! He is stupid, because when i put an S in the word “weedful”, which is TOTALLY in keeping with his logic, he said that weedful is not a word and I therefore can write it any way I want. Weedful/weedsful is TOTALLY a word, because I just used letters to form a word that makes perfect sence! He’s just messing with me, right?)

One of the grocery stores here now gives out small packs of seeds when you shop there. This is actually meant for children. Old Mamasan is indeed a child at heart, so I do collect these and am trying not to kill them. It would be fun if some of them turned out.

I did have great luck last year with carrots, so I have sown that again this year. Am also trying to grow some herbs, and as I have recently planted them, I try to shield them from the sun so they don’t burn.



A home is the place where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog. That also goes for cats. But they are also making the garden life enjoyable.

Gardening is not my greatest talent, but I do like to make my surroundings somewhat pretty and maybe even a tad bit romatic around me.

One of my neighbors have the most magnificent tree, and I just could’t help myself from taking a picture.


Enough blogging, Im headed out to enjoy my garden, Wishing everyone a Happy Weekend!


18 thoughts on “A walkabout in the Garden

  1. thank you for taking me for a walk through your beautiful garden today! really glorious experience for me. it happens to you too eh? Those dog hairs that are everywhere except on the dog! your kitty cat found a most amazing spot to sunbathe. Once again the humour in your writing really cheers me up. Happy weekend dear Mamasan!

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  2. Beautiful! Even if this Texan-by-way-of-California girl has a bit of a giggle over heatwaves in Denmark. But that is a very clever idea with the umbrellas and I might have to borrow that for my own kitchen herb garden. Happy weekend!

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    1. Hehe here we shed our clothes as soon as the sun comes out and declare it a heatwave as soon as we have 50 farenheit for two days in a row… 😜

      I read somewhere that herbs should be shielded from the strongest sun right after they are planted. I did it the first day. Then I forgot. They have probably burned up now. I don’t dare to go check…

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  3. These are lovely! I did that when I was in Korea – I’d just wander and take pictures. Perhaps the baby and I will wander over to the park when it stops raining. Thank you for inspiring me!

    (Also, would it be possible to use these for poem illustrations as long as I attribute you and link back to your blog from mine?)

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment! If you can find a use for my pictures, then go right ahead! I’d be happy for a link back 🙂

      Hope it stops raining on your end and you and the baby have a nice wander in the park 🙂

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  4. It’s a wonderful garden. Especially glad to see it right now – I’m in a rented house right now, no plants to speak of, only a small mold-garden in the fridge, but at least, we’re on a tree-lined street and they’re starting to leaf out. So, no flowers, I’m enjoying your pictures even more than I usually would.
    People here usually say “weedy” but I like “weedful” better.

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    1. Awe thank you! According to Sir Nerdalot’s logic that should be weedSy (he just gave me the stinkeye so he has to go back to the doghouse now… ;-p)


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