For this week’s Weekend Coffee Share, I would like to invite you to brunch in my garden. The sun is shining on my secluded garden, and there is not a nicer place to enjoy a full English breakfast. (Well, I do leave out the black pudding. Old Mamasan does not do blod products. Yuck.)

I get you started with the beverage of your choise, and turn to the ol’ barbie and slap some bacon and sausage on the grill. As I crack the first egg on the hotplate, this week’s big conundrum strikes down in Old Mamasan’s head like a lightning bolt:

Who was the first person to see an egg come out of a chicken’s ass and say “I’m gonna eat that”?


(Never underestimate Old Mamasan’s ability to ruin a perfectly normal chat, and I’m sorry for ruining your breakfast)

Care to join us at the #WeekendCoffeeShare while I sit here in my pensive mood and ponder about eggs? Then go to Parttime monster and join the link up!

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33 thoughts on “An eggy conundrum

  1. I always wonder similarly about lobster, so abundant on the Eastern coast of the US. I picture some starving Native American pulling that giant bug-looking thing from the sea and thinking, dammit I’m just hungry enough to eat that!

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    1. hehehe yeah that is also a weird one! And saffron! The most expensive spice in the world! Who thougt of picking those small pollethingys from a friggin flower to put in food?

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  2. Breakfast just got very interesting as we ponder on the origin of our food “lying” before us (pun intended)! I would really love to share a coffee with you one day I think we would be just rolling with laughter all the way, in my dialect when we say we laughed too much it’s roughly translated as “there will be no dry gums”! We would be flapping us wildly. thank you for the lovely post!

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    1. Thank you, yes it would be fun to do a real coffee share! Let me know if your coming this way, and I’ll keep you posted if I’m coming yours! Hgs, have a lovely weekend!

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  3. I always wondered this about eggs. Also, how did fire and food get together in the first place? Fire was scary, and has a tendency to over cook the meat. How did that turn into “Let’s try putting them together for just a little bit”?

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