Now, I am not sure just how familiar you are with the Norse Sagas? They are prose and poetry about real, historic events, and some of the most known are Snorre’s Sagas about the Viking Kings. We had to read this in Old Norse in High School, and despite being interested in history already then, they were very hard to read because of the language. I do have the King Sagas from Snorre in my bookshelf, but in Norwegian (yes, that is cheating, but I did not want to spend a gazillion years to read them and still not understand the texts.)


1-Sverd-i-fjellThe Trolls as we know them from Old Norse fairytales, are bloodthirsty, brutal creatures, much like the old Viking Kings who slu, raped and pillaged wherever they ventured. For instance, Harald Hårfagre (Fairhair), Norway’s first King, was indeed a Troll. There is a huge monument raised in his honor only a kilometer from where I grew up, consisting of three huge swords that are stuck into the mountain. The tallest sword represents Harald Hårfagre, the Victor, the Hero, and the two smaller ones represent the two Kings who were defeated in the final battle in Harald Hårfagre’s quest to unite all the small Kingdoms into one. In 872, Norway got its first King after years of carnage and terror. And we celebrate him with monuments and read stories about him in school where he promised his girlfriend not to cut his hair until Norway was gathered into one country (hence the name “Fairhair”) Sounds romantic, yes?

1-13256538_10153949651046622_8071785147063233475_nHe wasn’t romantic. He was a despot. A bloodthirsty warmonger. A Troll! His great grandson, Olav den Hellige (the Holy Olav) was canonized after his death. Why? Because he brought Christianity to Norway. How did he do that? By putting the sword to your neck. By death and terror. He was also indeed – a Troll!

There are still Trolls today, on the internet. Internet Trolls stick their ugly head out in various comments fields all over the net. People have committed suicide after being terrorized by internet trolls. Internet communities have shut down because of trolls. Good people are being bullied and harassed every day by trolls.

nettrollI saw an interesting Swedish documentary about a journalist who hunted down Trolls. Exposed them. Put them on the spot and actually talked to them and asked questions. The Trolls have one thing in common; they are puny little people who are dumb as bricks. They are nobodies, and jealousy seems to be the one thing that fuels them. Not one of them apoligized, not one of them even owned up to their online actions. No, they threw their friends under the bus and blamed everyone else but themselves. They are weak, puny, insignificant cowards!

I have a Troll. With my daily readership, I would have thought I was a few thousand short to have Trolls, but lo and behold I do have one. All Trolls are dumb, and mine seem to break the scale of stupidity – and it’s not even the funny kind of stupid! (Anyone want to trade their funny Troll with my boring one? Let me know in the comments!)

My Troll seems to want to control what I read on the internet. She (yes, it’s a she-Troll) seems to be unaware of the fact that I pay for my hardware, my software, my internet – thus I control what I pull up in my browser and read! The thing is – there is no way to control who reads the posts and articles you have published. When roaming around the old daily prompts – which give me great pleasure and quite a few ideas – some posts have been removed or have been password-protected. Which is fine, I guess there are a million reasons why one would delete or privatize a 3 year old post – or even a new one, so I just close it down and move on to another post. But those posts that are NOT removed or protected – they are here because the person that publicized them wants me to read them! Do not try to say different! If you do not want to be read – you keep a journal under lock and key!

FB_IMG_1435131202247My Troll disagrees (but in a less friendly choice of words). I have no problem with people disagreeing with me – I do enjoy a good debate – but this is where my Troll starts trolling. This is where she gets real stupid. She claims I have something to do with her name being stolen by one of my countrymen. In her mind, I am guilty by passport. Therefore she does not want me to read her openly published posts. I assume she does not know how the internet, wordpress and the Daily Post works, and she tries to put that responsibility on me.  She also called me a “he/she hashtag”. I don’t even know what that means, and it doesn’t matter. It’s unimportant. Trolls do that, they are not intelligent enough to stay on topic, and they will throw random things into the mix, usually showing off poor languageskills as well. They are not intelligent enough to see that they are actually not saying anything about their target – but instead speak volumes about themselves. They are showing their stupidity, their jealousy, their smallness, and they are too friggin dumb to realize it!

Anyways, if you are being trolled, do not bother to put any energy on it. Laugh at the blatant stupidity, put the creature on block, and enjoy the non-trolling part of the community. (Yes, I do realize that it might be hard, but do not take a troll seriously. Ever! They are absolutely worthless!) I am aware that I just fed my Troll, which is what everyone advises against. But I have read the Norse fairytales, and starving a Troll won’t work, as those ferocious creatures will eat rocks to stay alive. Nah, the way to kill a Troll is to expose it to sunlight – and they explode. Problem solved.

On the other hand – I am flattered that a Troll finds me so supercool that I am worth her attention and jealousy. If I was her, I’d wanna be me too!


Update 15 Aug 2017: After I published this post, my Troll went away. She is no longer trying to harass me in the comments fields. Wether it was this post that made her think – or she just got tired of failing to get a rise out of me – remains unknown. Or maybe she bought “Internett for dummies” and finally figured out how this thing works?

Whatever it may be, I really do not care. I had forgotten all about it until I stumbled onto this old post in search of something else. I hope she stopped trolling all together and is not randomly bugging someone else.

26 thoughts on “Trolls from the Sagas to the internett

  1. i am keen on Nordic history after watching Vikings, and so started reading up on the old legends and factual history, it remains a very interesting subject to me, however your post today is much more interesting i must say! I love so much your connection of trolls from the past into the present and forward into the future, you are one amazing writer! I hope i dont come across a troll in real life or online because i am not as strong as you in dealing with them, i may just fade into the night. oh but wait you said trolls will be pulverised by sunlight?!! no problem them i have lots of that over here with me. happy day where you are and thank you for making me smile today!

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    1. What I have seen of you – in your blog, in my commentsfields, and in some other comentsfields in the blogosphere – I cannot see you as a troll. I think you are way to sweet and gentle to be perseived as a troll by anyone.

      Viking history is interesting (of course I am biased), and it is brutal and dramatic. Of course here, as in all other parts of the world, the sagas and stories that were recorded are the history of the rulers and the rich. Peaceful farmers, gatherers and tradesmen never made it into the stories.

      Should you ever have a troll come your way, just think of it as the troll seing the genious in you long before you even realize it yourself. You can’t change other people, but you can change how you perceive them. OOOOO great post idea! Coming up later today! Thanks for the idea!

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      1. Happy I inspired a good post coming from you, cant wait to read it! I hope I am never a bother to anyone so thank you for saying I do not have the characteristics to become a troll, good to know these things! the story of the Vikings are so amazing to me for their sense of adventure, their craftsmanship and the tenacity to live off a harsh land and weather patterns. Its really very interesting to read how their ancient Gods had such an influence on their everyday life. The series Vikings on the history channel fuels my interest though I do believe not all is historically accurate but it is pretty close after I do some research on it. You belong to such a rich culture and come from a people i think were very brave even though brutal in same peoples eyes.

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  2. Wow, you have a troll. What the hell? I’m amazed that people have the time to be so purposefully negative. Yes, I’m with you about having a healthy debate on an issue you don’t agree with someone on, but please don’t waste my/your time (or your readers) with nonsense. Ugh, people… Hope you have a good start to the week, my friend!

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    1. The psychology behind trolling and bullying is quite telling – on them! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a supportive comment. Wishing you a feb week! Hugs (cuz’ I remember that you are a hugger)

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  3. Wow, I am shocked your writing, which is delightful and entertaining and certainly non-political, would attract a Troll! My goodness, she needs to get a hobby maybe. But I do love the Norse sagas, and I do love the analogy of exposing the Trolls to sunlight – where they explode. Awesome! You just keep on writing and ignoring your Troll, unless she turns threatening. Do be careful.

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  4. Great post. I love the way you’ve blended the trolls in your life and history, and therefore cracked the best way to deal with the one in its current form.

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  5. Have you considered making a pet out of a troll? I tried once…….didn’t work too well. Darned thing just wouldn’t stay in it’s cage and for some reason hated the mice I tried to feed it. Sorry yours is hanging around. I loved Norse legends and stories as a child, and now after reading this post want to hit up the library for a few books about them again. Thanks sweetie!

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    1. I think trolls make terrible pets, the stink and the thought of housetraining them puts me off ;-p

      The Sagas makes good reads, quite entertaining 🙂

      Thanks for the kind comment! Wishing you a trollfree day, sprinkled with Norse fairydust (but look out for the Huldra, shes worse than she looks! ;-p)

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  6. I’m learning things from your posts that I never knew before. I love your travelogues and photos. You are amusing, interesting, and knowledgeable.

    What on earth is the matter with your Troll? Maybe her mother dropped her on her head when she was a baby troll, and she’s never recovered. Honestly. People are amazing.

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  7. There are sites with forums where trolls hang out and dog other bloggers. Craziest thing I’d ever seen. As far as trolls go, I wonder if they save all their aggression for the internet where behind a cloak of anonymity. Would people who know them would be shocked at their words? Who has that kind of time, anyway?

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    1. Oh thats interesting! I guess they seek some form of community as they are shunned everywhere else. Interesting question, what would their immidiate family say to their behaviour?

      Thank you for your kind comment, highly appreciated!


  8. Olive Ole, I haven’t seen you on this site. I’ve had to give up on some reading but I still do most everybody. Glad to catch you today, however, with you interesting lesson on saga trolls and troll pests. 😀

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    1. Hi! How nice to see you again! I believe we have been blogging in diffrent realms lately. Hope all is well with you and yours. Hugs!


  9. yes you are awesome! Thank you for showing me your site. What a great blog. I’ve had extensive experience with trolls. There is no use doing anything other than block them, delete them, or otherwise ignore them.

    I may write a post about trolls… from the psychological point-of-view. There is something about the lack of actual real human visual contact; they seem to forget that a real human being is on the other end of their trolling. Once the humanity is re-introduced to them, things seem to get better. Yes. I’ll add internet troll to my list of future blog posts!

    I look forward to hearing more about your troll, your travels, and your food!

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    1. Oh I would love to read your take on the trolls, so that is definately something I’ll be looking forward to. Thanks for your kind comment, highly appreciated.


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