1-13267843_10153958399826622_1089349608473338116_nAh, Saturday morning and time for another #WeekendCoffeeShare. This week I hope you have accepted my invitation and come over to my place.  You will be offered a selection of teas or coffees, perhaps licorice infused coffee suits your liking? Things are growing well in the garden as well, so I have made Rhubarb (the epitome of early summer food) Merengue Pie for us to enjoy.

As we sit there and enjoy our pie and coffees, I will tell you that for the last two months I have changed my diet, because I want to shed a couple kilos.

I have tried everything; I have changed my meatballs with steak, my baked potatoes with mashed potatoes. I have changed my gravy with béarnaise sauce, and my bread with rolls. I have even changed my daily piece of cake with pie!

I have not lost a gram, and I am feeling quite frustrated. I have one more thing to try before I give up the whole project; changing the meals around.

  • And that is why we have pie for breakfast.


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44 thoughts on “Diet much?

  1. I’m having similar trouble shedding those kilos… I am thinking of doing a total cleanse starting June 1st, and abandoning all those “white” things I love: potatoes, pasta, rice, bread. I like your diet better!

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    1. Good question! I would have to say basically everything can give inspiration; other blogs, the commentfields of both my own blog and other blogs, a picture, a news article, something I hear or see. And sometimes while I just sit and enjoy my coffee – a thought just falls into my head and runs out my fingers. Of course now that I have taken the time to focus on the blog, everything I do gets measured and weighed (and photographed) in case it will make a good blogpost. 🙂 What inspires you to write?

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      1. Very true! I write in order to bring both peace and pleasure to my brain. When I write it’s the only time I feel my thoughts getting streamlined. I feel lighter when I finish a piece and that for me is the inspiration to do it all over again the next day.

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