56 thoughts on “Arctic Tundra – a sparce landscape

  1. I’m just about to publish a science fiction novel about an expedition is this kind of landscape. I which I’d have found you much earlier, I’d have asked for you advice.
    Great photos.Is Is this your home, work or are you exploring?

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    1. Ooo you have to let me know where and when you publish so I can buy one! These pictures is from around a small town called Longyearbyen at Svalbard (Norway), the northernmost town in the world. I lived there from 1998 – 2006. I miss it dearly 🙂 (although I will admit that I am also enjoying the heat we are currently experiencing in Denmark). Thank you for your kind comment!


      1. Thanks for the interest in my novel. The first one is Pegasus Colony and is available on Amazon. The ebook is only $2.99.
        I’ll be publishing the second book Storm’s coming in a few days. The trilogy is set on a frozen planet. Three of the characters go on an expedition in the second book across the frozen tundra. Hopefully you will be entertained despite the fact I’ve never been on the tundra. But after the research for this trilogy, I’d love to go some place really cold to see what it’s like.

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    1. Thank you so much! Blue ice is quite typical of glaciers, this is because the ice gets compressed by the weight and the air is squeeed out. And even more fun, when you put glacier ice in your wiskey, it makes a fun cracking sound 🙂

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    1. To visit for a short term thing, no problem. To live there as a vegetarian – well it can be done as long as you get enough proteines in you, but it would be a very costly diet.I don’t know too much about it, but it seems like some vegetarians eat fish and eggs, which are both good sources of proteines.


    1. Thank you, there is something about the light. I can’t exlain it, and certainly havent been able to capture it fully on film, but when you go there – the light takes your breath away 🙂

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  2. Amazing…:O these pictures are awesome . Sometimes such things make me think about those people who actually visit these places…
    Oh yes! Thanks for visiting my site..

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    1. To visit is one thing – I lived there for 8 years 🙂 You either fall madly in love with the place, or you leave pretty fast… Thaks for your kind comment!

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