Sir Nerdalot and I are not City Slickers. We do enjoy the occasional visit to big cities, but for the most part we choose the opposite direction. Although way past the “crawling around in the dirt looking for the tent opening”-phase of our lives, we are still not at the “gazillion stars luxury hotel and spa”-phase. I guess we are somewhere in between, and in between is actually a good place to be. We don’t mind simplicity, as long as we don’t have to squat around a campfire. We prefer chairs. We prefer to have our meals at a table. Not to mention a bed that you don’t have to roll out and pump air into.


When we moved to Denmark, it was with the intention of really exploring and discovering the country. Well, we haven’t really done that! I guess it has been put on the back burner a bit, as Denmark is not that exotic for us. It resembles Norway in many ways, and we have vacationed here many times before. We do that, Norwegians. Go to Denmark on holiday, I mean. This summer we intend to rectify the situation, by spending our vacation in Denmark. We will travel by car, and spend nights at cozy B&B’s and small hotels. Over on the blog A Day In The Life, I was introduced to the term Glamping, which describes our vaccy plans this year.

While Glamping, we hope to discover little gems like the one we found this weekend (and that shouldn’t be hard, as Denmark is full of these gems):

This weekend we decided to follow a sign that simply said “Café”. This place is not very far from our house, but it is in the middle of nowhere. Forests and small farms line the sides of the road, and then that sign, “Café”. We have passed the sign many times, but this Saturday we decided to follow it, as we were hungry and on a quest for brunch.


Just a couple minutes’ drive off the main road, this cute, typical Danish, building appears. We have found Nina’s Natur Cafe (Nina’s Nature Café). We park our car and find us a table in the shade in the garden. All their food is local and organic, and just plain old yummy. Sir Nerdalot went for cured ham (of course) and I went for a cheese and tomato sandwich (of course). And freshly pressed juice of carrots, apple and a little bit of ginger. Super good!

I did notice that they have a huge cake buffet, so I will definitely be checking that out next time I’m there. Which will happen very soon! They also collaborate with local artists, and do both vernissages (there are no blank walls in here!) and small concerts, and even poetry reading. Or maybe you’d appreciate a ride in a horse drawn buggy?

Wether you are here for culture, arts or foods – or all of them – I am sure you will absolutely love it! I know I did! This place must have been Designed for me! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Cozy Denmark

    1. Yea it was just a lovely place, and the owner was such a nice lady. I am definately going back for high tea (‘cept I do coffee) and stuff my face with cake from the buffet 🙂


  1. such beautiful surroundings! i love little quiet places like these. i hope to see more of your travels through Denmark this summer, happy summer to you and family!

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  2. It’s these hidden treasures that turn out to be the true gems 🙂 Looks like a lovely place. I can imagine munching on sandwiches and drinking lovely juices and spending time with nature like that 🙂 Sigh! Denmark. Someday. Peace and quiet. Someday.

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    1. Oh my – you wrote it out loud even! *giggles* I like Denmark. I don’t like absolutely everything about it, but as a whle it comes out as a positive for me. Are you Danish?

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