Arroz/Paella (eng)

(Norwegian version: Arroz/Paella (no) ) If you have vacationed in sunny Spain, then I assume you have tried Paella? This Spanish National dish is from Valencia, and means «pan».  (Foreigners tend to regard it as a Spanish national dish, while the Spanish themselves often regard it as a regional Valencian dish) I have also seen it … Continue reading Arroz/Paella (eng)

Tivoli much?

Denmark is not only home to some amazing castles, it is also home to the two oldest operating amusement parks in the world, and the second oldest is the famous Tivoli in Copenhagen (founded by Georg Carstensen in 1843). It’s not just roller coasters and rides, it’s beautiful gardens, souvenir shop and restaurants, and they host various … Continue reading Tivoli much?

A walkabout in the Garden

Sometimes, even the most avid world traveler appreciates an exploratory trip in the local community. Today I made an even shorter trip; I stayed in my own garden. With the heatspell we have had in Denmark the last week, things have started to happen in the garden. As you might see in the pictures, there … Continue reading A walkabout in the Garden