11 thoughts on “The REAL news!

  1. I’ve seen this before and I LOVE it. Here in the US, it’s All Donald Trump, All The Time, and I am disgusted by it. One has to switch over to the BBC to get a world view, any actual journalism. You know, reporting of the facts without bias. A couple of the newspapers are ok, NY Times & Washington Post, but I wonder how long print media has to live. I find it all very troubling.

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    1. I did notice that the news on the TV in the US were… hmm…. onesided, when we visited NYC and DC in february… It’s a bit more neutral here.


  2. Great post. This is really comedian Tom Walker (aka Jonathan Pie), but it is really funny because it is real honest news – he should have his own show. I get most of my real news from the Internet now – don’t believe everything you hear on TV.

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