1-13412918_10153998366711622_2330988250306413740_nYup, Old Mamasan turns 44 today. That’s old enough to know better and young enough to do it anyway.

Facebook is overflowing with best wishes for my b-day, and I love it. The Norwegian recipe for potato salad that I posted today is running high in the statistics, as I knew it would; Norwegians love food! My boys are taking me out for some fine dining tonight. The phone is ringing off the hook with family and friends wishing me happy b-day.

And I love it! I love the attention! And that should be enough, really. But no. This is my b-day, and if I want to diverge from my regular posting schedule, then I will. And if I want to ramble, then I will. I actually am going to treat myself to this one post that might not fit into my other content all that well. It’s about me doing something for myself. It’s about self-love! (I honestly believe that more people should do something for themselves more often, I believe that would heighten the general happiness-level in the world!)

1-13435388_10153998364971622_4411160549827707725_nAs those of you who have read my blog are aware; I have a Nerd, I call him Sir Nerdalot. Because he Nerds. A lot. Part of being a Nerd, besides shooting things in the face on the computer, is usually intelligence. Don’t get me wrong, a Nerd can be dumb as a friggin’ brick on some topics, but they are usually very, very smart on topics that interest them. My Nerd is doing really well in his area of expertise, and he is going for it! And I support him. I admire people who dare to take a chance, who dare to pursue a dream. My Nerd is a true inspiration to me. (And he’s handsome to boot! SCORE!)

I have, partly through feedback from this blog, partly from Sir Nerdalot and real-life friends, had so many confirmations that I can write that I am actually starting to believe it. So why settle for a stupid blog, when it is a book that I want to write?

Not that I know anything about the fine art of book-writing. But I’m not gonna let that stop me. What I don’t know, I can find out. I also do not know what this book will be about, or what genre, but that’s irrelevant. All I know is that deep down inside of me, there is a book that needs to be released through my fingers. I’ll just have to sit down and write. “Just do it” like Nike says. Or to quote a great athlete who recently passed away:

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

– Mohammad Ali

Having worked for the travel industry and later the oil and gas industry (both on- and offshore) it’s quite embedded in me not to take risks. Not to mention having lived for 8+ years in a rather hostile environment at Svalbard where polar bears roam the streets and weather can go from bad to catastrophic in less than 2 seconds. Play it safe and stay alive.

But we are not talking about that kind of risk, are we? Let’s analyze, what are the risks I am facing in writing a book? Yup, let’s do the Toolbox Talk:

  • Writing a shitty book. Well even a shitty book is a book, and my goal would have been reached. The next book just has to be less shitty!
  • Not finishing. Well that would be a problem for my self-esteem. But there might still be an opportunity for a lesson-learned in that. Not finishing one book does not mean that there will not be a next book – a book that will be finished.
  • Neglecting the blog. Not likely. I’m too much of an attention whore to neglect this fine venue of attention. I might decide to cut back a tiny bit, at least for a period, but not anywhere near the point of neglecting.
  • Not getting published. Then I self-publish! Unless it’s a shitty book. Then I won’t.
  • Giving in to fear of failure and not even start. And that is where I have been up til now. Totally unacceptable!

Conclusion: Seems to me that I have nothing to fear but fear itself. And we can’t have that, now, can we? Fact is, people write books all the time! So why can’t I? The Bloggess has done it.  Meg Sorick has done it. Now, Old Mamasan will do it! I want to be my own Superhero.

I will end this ramble now, content in knowing that a decision has been made. I will wish myself a Happy Birthday and repeat my inspirational mantra (two simple words that might not look as all that, but holds immense meaning for me):




54 thoughts on “It’s my birthday! (Toolbox talk to self)

  1. Happy birthday to you! Sounds as if it’s going very well 🙂

    I will probably keep up with the Word Press daily prompts and Kathleen Duncan’s June challenge while our grandkids are here. Those, I don’t have to study and prepare and be all informed and academic when I write them. Usually they’re just fun. And I almost always can think of plenty to say!

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  2. I have a nerd too, but I call him a geek – a geeky geeker who geeks a lot. ^_^ hahaha! It was his birthday yesterday (6/14/2016)

    Happy Birthday!

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  3. 44? – – you’re just a kid! Happy Birthday! Seize the day and write that book! I personally am stuck in the “giving in to fear of failure…” stage. Those of you who go for it are an inspiration to me. Best of luck!!

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  4. Happy birthday and go write that book! And as a birthday present to you I will buy the very first one for sale. Unless it is sports related then I might be the third one to buy it. I hate sports after all….

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  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Old Mamsan is so beautiful, first time i see a full close up of you and you are really stunning! love this rambling post, its your birthday so you can do as you like and reading this i hope you had the best day and will come out with an awesome book soon. thanks for nominating me for the quote challenge.

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    1. Thank you so much! The purpose of the blog was initially to get writing practice, and then it turned into a hobby. A hobby with great personal reward, I might add 🙂

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  6. Happy Birthday to one born the same year as my oldest son (1972 was quite a year for producing people of a different strain than most). I published my first book last year and have plenty of stories to tell about what to do and not to do if you are ever interested. When I first sent my manuscript to my editor, he said I should learn how to write. How is that for a start.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes 1972 was a good year indeed!

      A response like “lern how to write” is definately something I fear, but thankfully you did not let that stop you! Of course I am interesteted in learning the do’s and the dont’s 🙂

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  7. Radiant!!! Happy Birthday!! I read your blog that talked about aquvite ( spelling may be wrong) but that is a drink you do not forget trying! LOL

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  8. Apologies I am two days late to wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and to taking up the challenge . . . better late than never I say though!

    So here’s a very very Happy Birthday to you a fellow 44year old :-), and it’s a definite yes on the challenge!

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  9. How did I miss this/your birthday? Happy birthday Mamasan, you rock! And I for one am looking forward to your book. (BTW, in the US in recent years has been something called Write a Novel in November. My daughter has suggested this to me a few times, as I have to her. Perhaps it’s time for both of us to write our novels in November?)

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    1. Thank you! Write a Novel in November sounds exciting! Does that mean I have to write it in english? I am much faster and more secure when I write in Norwegian (naturally). But yeah! Lets both write a book! And your daughter! This is fun!

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      1. I’ve been after my daughter forever to write a book, or at least 25 of her 27 years. 😉 She is a brilliant writer and has degrees in Rhetoric and English, so is overqualified. I say write it in your native language, you can always translate later. The important thing is to do the writing!

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