As the title might tell you, Old Mamasan does not golf. Yes, I have tried it. I wasted spent a whole weekend in pouring rain taking the course, followed by a couple rounds on the 9-hole. I was bored to death after the first hole, and cannot wrap my head around people spending 4 hours several times a week going the full 18 holes.


I also find it quite amusing the amount of money the golfers spend on their hobby. (Of course there are several other costly hobbies), and that some golf clubs operate with century long  waiting lists – just so people can (eventually) pay lots of money to knock balls into gopher holes.

Based on my characterizations above, you might think that I have something against golf. Which I don’t. It does not bother me one bit that you enjoy the game. Good on ‘ya! It’s just not my thing.


What is my thing, however, is lunching and dining. Those are activities that get my attention real fast! It is quite common that in connection with any golf course there is a fairly good restaurant. These restaurants are usually not reserved for members of the golf course, but open to the public, and your patronage will be welcomed.


For my b-day two days ago I wanted to revisit the Jægerhytten, but as it was closed the last time we went there, there has been no movement on their facebook page in the last month and a half, and their website has been down for quite some time, we decided to try the restaurant at the nearest golf club,  Furesø Golfklub instead. And Whaddayaknow, we found a cozy restuarant, Hestkøbgaard, in a fantastic old building and they had great food!


Hestkøbgaard is as the pictures suggest – an old farm. The history of the place is not all that spectacular, and it is mentioned in documents first time in 1370. During WW2 there were 25 horses on the farm. Changing rooms and Pro Shop is located in the old stables, and the clubhouse and restaurant are in the main building. I just love the main building and courtyard being framed by the stables. Quite pretty, don’t you think?


Should you happen to be in Denmark, in Birkerød north of Copenhagen, and is looking for a nice place to lunch – then try this place out. The golf course itself is said to be good, I wouldn’t know as I’m only in it for the food ;-p



13 thoughts on “Golf much? (I’ll just have lunch, thank you)

  1. Just read in today’s paper about this guy (born in Switzerland, American father , Portuguese mother , lived all over the place ) who learned to play golf while working in Sony in Sweden and developed this app “hole19golf” with info on golf courses uploaded by the players . Don’t know if he included our interest (the restaurants 😉 ) but your husband might want to look it up . Disclaimer : I know nothing about golf or apps so I’m not claiming this app is good , just found it a funny coincidence to read it today 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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