Ah Saturday and time for a #WeekendCoffeeShare. I have grown quite fond of this weekly feature, where the whole idea is that I am to write a post in the setting of you and I having a conversation over a beverage. In such a setting I think it is quite natural to have a personal conversation, and that is when Old Mamasan runs into trouble, as I am actually – somewhat private. I don’t pour my heart out over personal matters on social media.

I broke my own rule on Wednesday, in my b-day post. I told you that I want to write a book. I told you what I fear about writing that book. Now, that is personal. That is private. And I feel OK about it. I think having that positive experience with going a tad personal on my blog, makes me comfortable with getting a tad personal once again.

Old Mamasan looking cryptic

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that things are happening in our lives. And they are happening fast. We are talking big, life changing things. Exciting things. Nerve wrecking things. Choices has to be made, others have already been made. We are excited. And we have so many questions. Our lives are already close to perfection; will this endeavor better or worsen it?

Then – out of left field – another choice is thrown our way. Another big, exciting, life changing choice – that interrupts and rules out the first choice. The first choice however, does not rule out the second, it just postpones it and makes it more burocratic.

Yes, I am aware that I am being cryptic. I have to be. Both due to my semi-private nature, and also the fact that I am smart enough not so sell the milk before I have bought the cow. Let’s just say that when it rains – it pours (and try to read that in a positive way, as what is happening is very exciting and positive). It also becomes quite apparent that:

When a door closes, a window opens.

And that is why I believe my house is haunted.

(It also explains the voices I hear)


a_poem_for_coffee_mornings_funny_coffee_mug-rb5e2b1950a14407495aa8191f1caeef5_x7jgr_8byvr_324Care to join us at the #WeekendCoffeeShare ? Then go to  Parttime Monster Blog and join the link up!

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42 thoughts on “Choices

    1. Thank you! Of course things will be revealed – after we have set the wheels in motion 🙂 OMG I so wanna tell you! I have to sit on my hands now to keep them from typing! 😀

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  1. Oh wow – even with the cryptic details / it was clear and well written – and these are some interesting choices! Hope I am back to keep following the outcomes –
    Oh and sometimes it is best to leave major details out because it can sometimes interfere with the point you are making – which here was about choices – and sometimes people get carried away with details – and while there is a time for that – other times they are best alluded to- IMHO
    Hope u have a nice weekend

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  2. Sitting in my outside office drinking coffee and going over my blog-mates’ posts and opened yours. How exciting. Keep the personal nature flowing, birthday girl. Looking forward to your revelations in the near future.

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  3. I find it difficult to be personal on the internet. It’s lovely when you do open up and get a positive response from readers! I hope when everything comes together you share your exciting news with us! 🙂 Happy Saturday!

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  4. I am in the finishing stages of writing a book and one of the scariest things was putting myself out there on the internet. Prior to that I had a very secret life, now I keep good boundaries but I am getting used to talking more personally in code. I agree when one door closes, one or sometimes many windows open.

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