Old Mamasan is not just a little proud of her home country, and for good reason! Just look at these pictures! Seriously, is there anyone that questions why this is the third biggest cruise ship port in Norway? Since 2005, the Geirangerfjord area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This very, very small village has only 250 inhabitants, and in wintertime there is only one way out of here, the very narrow, steep and curvy “Ørnevegen” on the north side of the fjord. We came in from the other road, which is less steep and curvy, but still scary enough – especially with a camper caravan where you have to drive on the edge of the road when you meet other vehicles. This is not a place you just stumble upon while aimlessly driving around. There are some really good hikes in this area, some og them quite tough.

There are several camping sites and hotels in this small village, so a place to stay shouldn’t be hard to find. In peak season it might still be smart to book ahead.

Guided boat trips on the fjord are highly recommended, and you get to see several famous sites, like the waterfalls “Seven sisters” and the “Suitor” on the opposite side of the fjord.

So, who does not want to go there and see The Greatest Scenery in the World? If you want to go there by car, but want to avoid the two roads going into the village, than you can go by ferry.  Or you can find a cruise. Geiranger is located in the bottom of a long fjord framed by mountains on the west coast of Norway.

1-Kart 2

The Karate Kid (only 2 years old at the time) can vouch for the quality ice cream in Geiranger (sorry, I just had to include these pictures. He’s gonna kill me now.)


47 thoughts on “Geiranger, Norway

    1. Oh it is beautiful, and also quite diverse in scenery from south to north, east to west. Being from the west, I think I have a natural fondness for the mountain/fjord combo 🙂 And you are spot on in your translation 🙂 Are you sure you are not Norwegian?

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  1. So beautiful 🙂 and my list is growing and growing 😉
    I was surprised by the mountains (in my mind Norway was mostly flat …I have so much to learn)
    Turtle Hugs

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    1. I hope you get there someday – it is truly beautiful and quite dramatic scenery. Also a great spot if you want to test your strengt and stamina by jogging from the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountain 🙂 I’m exhausted by the mere thought of that *giggles*

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      1. *smile*. I’m not a climber myself but I would really love to see the panoramic view from the top of the mountain. Egypt as well as my home country are basically flat except in certain places so what you see is a vast piece of flat land in front of you right to the horizon. So it’ll be a nice change to visit a mountainous place. Are there many waterfalls there? I would love to see one. My only experience of seeing waterfall was when I went to Kota Tinggi, Malaysia when I was 17.

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      2. There’s a road, no climbin required. But its a long and winding road, all uphill hehe. We took the car up 🙂

        Waterfalls, oh yes, on the fjord you see the “seven sisters” on one side, and on the opposite you see the “suitor” who got to drinking after being rejected by the seven sisters. You can see the bottle in the bottom ov the waterfall where it divides. Quite cool. There is also one called the “brides veil” because it fans out at the bottom.

        I have been to Egypt – absolutely fascinating! Stayed in the tourist-hub Hurgada and took trips to Cairo as well as Luxor. Loved the historic sites!

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