Ok, folks. We have to have the talk about reclining your aircraft seat. Yes, this is happening!

Now that summer vaccy is starting for many, there seem to be a lot of pissy comments around the Inter-Web about inconsiderate, stupid, rude people invading all the friggin’ space of the passenger behind them by fully reclining their seats.

Guess what? *drumroll* I am an inconsiderate, stupid, rude person who invade all the friggin’ space of the passenger behind me! My name is Old Mamasan, and I am inclined to recline. And I will stay reclined for the duration of the flight. Of course – not during take-off and landing, and also not during mealtime. I will also not slam the seat back with full force; I am actually considerate enough to recline slowly – giving you ample time to remove your knees from the back of my seat. I will even alert you that my seat is a-coming your way by turning around and have a wee look at you – as this is the international sign of commencement of seat reclining. I might even tell you in words, that my seat will now be reclined. And no, that is not a question. It is simply a warning so you can hold on to your wine while said seat is being reclined.

Do you have a problem with that? Then you should do your homework before getting on the flight. There are seats in every plane where you don’t have to get anyone reclining into your lap. Look it up, and take the necessary action to secure such a seat. It often involves some kind of payment. Don’t want to take the needed action? Well, I guess that makes you S.O.L. – ‘cuz my seat is coming back!

There is a multitude of reasons why we inconsiderates are reclining our seats, both medical and simply out of comfort. Or how about this one: the airline put reclinable seats in the cabin – what other reasons would one need? And here’s the thing; unless you are seated on the back row or the row immediately in front of emergency exits (and variations does exist, so you better do your homework) – you can also recline your seat, and thus restore your personal space. Up to you, Dingbat!

Don’t wanna make that choice? OK, travel with Ryanair, or one of the other shitty cheapo airlines that has put in fixed seats throughout the cabin. Problem solved. You are welcome!

(Of course, travelling with cheapo airlines opens up a whole other set of problems, but at least you won’t have me reclining in your lap, as I will never be your companion on Cheapo Air!)




31 thoughts on “Recline much?

  1. Oh you had me laughing out loud with that video 😀
    I had my first experience with traveling cheapo last May when we escaped for three days to the Azores ; it was a lovely mini-vacation and if it weren’t for the cheapo flights we wouldn’t have been able to make it this year – so I’m thankful for their being around – but it was a bit of a shock to me as I’ve worked for a great airline where (before all the cuts and crisis) customer service was very very important , and
    where I usually traveled first class on long segments 🙂
    As for reclining I totally agree with all that you said , it’s a question of common sense , the seats recline for a reason . I was always very respectful of fellow passengers upon reclining my seat , and careful of when and how and how far I did it (refraining from doing so in certain instances , like having a mother with a baby on lap behind me for example) .
    Need to work my abs , I’m going to watch it again 😉
    Turtle Hugs

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    1. Oh I agree with the service part missing from cheapo airlines, I guess you get what you pay for and you don’t pay for service. I also think it’s great that cheapo airlines makes it possible for more people to travel. I want to pay as little as possible too when I travel, but I know me. I know that I want to check luggage. I know where I want to sit, and on cheapo airlines you pay extra for that. When I add up all the extras and compare it to a not so cheapo airline (where luggage and seating is included), I see that the fare is often equal. Then the choice is easy 🙂

      And yes, of course one does not slamm the seatback into a huge preggy belly or in the head of an infant. In those instances I have moved to another seat, or switched with my son – as he does not like to recline. Even us inconsiderates can be a little considerate sometimes 😀

      Glad you enjoyed the vid, I have watched it over and over for a couple of years, and it never gets old 🙂

      Reclined Hugs

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  2. Would you please send me your itinerary so I don’t book any flights with you? lol I’m the person you want in front of you and next to you. Never recline or use the shared armrest. You’re welcome! lololol ;D xoxoM

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  3. That video made me laugh. Surely the whole flight experience is one where consideration and courtesy for fellow passengers should be a given. Reclining the seats is a part of flying but as you say, there is a way to go about it.

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  4. The airlines pit us against each other by squeezing us closer and closer together. The reclining seat is one of the perks of the purchase price of the ticket. The dispute isn’t between passengers, it is between the passengers and the airlines. Although, it is not clear what we can do to pry more space out of the airlines for the price of our measely ticket.

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    1. Yea, it is clear that the sence of a good personal space is not allowed to apply in the air 🙂 And we endure it – gladly – by the thought of the reward in the other end 🙂


  5. Several years ago the Mr. and I took a much dreamed of trip to Hawaii. We were in the next to last row. Two women of about 60-65 were behind us. As we got ready to sit down one of them said very snottily “I sure hope you don’t plan to recline your seats.” She was TOTALLY serious! It was a 13 hour flight!! You’ll be happy to know that we reclined at our first opportunity. We then had to listen to them complain most of the way that they had to scrap their plans to go to Mexico because of the bird flu, or whichever the sickness of the season was that year, and instead “had” to go to Hawaii. Ugh. Sometimes I hate people. 😉

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    1. Oh that sounds dreadful! My cure for negative people in situations like that is a noice cancelling headset and some good music in my ears.

      Hawaii is high on my bucketlist! But it is so expensive and such a long travel that I have to save up both money and vacationtme first. Some day though 🙂


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