When we moved to Denmark a year and a half ago, we had every intention of utilizing every weekend and every second of our spare time to really see and experience Denmark.

Well. That didn’t happen. I guess we got too tangled up in everyday routine, and to be perfectly honest; Denmark is not all the exotic for a Norwegian. We have vacationed here since we were kids – although not so much on this particular island.

Sir Hoof Hearted inspecting the water – right outside our rented summerhome.

This summer we decided to vacation locally, in part to finally do what we set out to do when we moved here, and in part because we were too late to get Sir Hoof Hearted (the dog) into a dog hotel. Not that we mind vacationing with Sir Hoof Hearted, we actually rather enjoy it, but it does limit our choices.

As we are too old to crawl around in the dirt looking for a tent opening in the dark, we opted for glamping. Also quite typical Danish, and also quite a normal way for Norwegians to vacation in Denmark. We rented a summerhouse.

Old Mamasan would not mind living in this house permanently

So here we are, in lovely Havnsø, on the west coast of Zeeland. Not the longest of travels, only an hour’s drive away from our Danish home, but far enough to get that relaxing feeling of vacation. I don’t know too much about this place yet, so today I will look for some tourist information down at the harbor and pick up all the brochures and pamphlets they have.

There is a daily ferry gong to two islands off of here, and in the ocean right outside one of them is where a major battle from the War of the Kings was fought in the 1100’s. I will definitely need some literature about that before taking a daytrip to said island. Will be fun!

Panoramic view of the “neighbourhood”

As of right now, I am more than content with just being here. We arrived yesterday afternoon, and after emptying the car for luggage we left the dog and just went to the grocery store for some provisions. We didn’t want to leave the dog in a new place for as long as it would take us to dine out, so we made dinner at home. It is a lovely house. Quite 70’s – which I absolutely love!

Cookbooks! An El Dorado for Old Mamasan!

I have found the owners huge stack of recipe books – so guess who will go through the books and copy down the recipes I like? Yup. That be me! (I really do not mind being a copycat when it comes to recipes, i get most my ideas from books, and then make little alterations to suit my pallet.)

That is all for today, next post will be from historic Kalundborg.



27 thoughts on “Havnsø, Denmark

  1. Best dog name ever!!! We’re without dog at the moment (sad face) but we’re going with Schnitz or Schnitzy for a girl when we finally talk my husband i to having a dog again. Anyways, what a great blog post. Something for everyone. Your summerhouse looks great and so do you all. Beautiful photos thanks for putting up a great selection. Dad often spoke of Zeeland but I never got there. Our family is from Sønder Jylland, Tønder and Ribe. I’m looking forward to reading more posts on your holiday. And more photos of Sir Hoof alot 😊Tania

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  2. We also determine our vacations by doggie-stay possibilities! And I would do exactly the same thing: copy recipes. That sounds like fun…

    What are the piles of rocks near the water? They remind me of cairns…

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment!

      The piles of rocks, Varder, is just someone leaving a lil mark that they have been here. In the Norwegian mountains they build large piles of rock to show the line between properties or as waypoints.


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