I absolutely loved the summerhome we rented this past week at Havnsø, Denmark! Not just because of the beautiful location, but also because the interior of the house is very retro! The was this house is set up, I am convinced it gets repurposed as a rental only for the touristseason.

Take a look at some of the details:

It is clear to see that a hunter owns ths house:

The sunroom is very Eighties, don’t you think?

Comfortable garden:

The weirdo pooltable:

The view of the small island of Nekselø:

And of course, the views, the area, the landscape, the drives, the restaurants and the small villages are reason enough to fall in love with the place – It’s like it was Designed for me!

12 thoughts on “Retro summerhome

    1. My best guess is that the owner lives there mos of the year. Not too cold at all, it is a real house with heating and insulation and all the trimmings. I would love to live there, as I like small town living, but I’m afraid the commute would be too long for Sir Nerdalot to get to work.

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      1. i like small town living and small house living too! recently moved to a smaller home and am loving the cosy feel. i really fell in love with the house you featured. hope you had an amazing time there. but then holiday homes sometimes just need to be that to retain its charm, if you lived too far from work life can be hard especially with a long commute.

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