I have visited the magnificent Fredriksborg Castle (Hillerød, Denmark) a couple times already – but have yet to visit the fabulous Castle Garden – until today!

 I have presented the Castle already in this post: Help! I’m locked in a beautiful castle! Here you can read a lil about the history of he Castle, and see lots of photos from the interior.

 To the east of the Castle, you find the Baroque Park with waterfalls. It was originally created by the court gardener Johan Cornelius Krieger for King Frederick IV in the early 1720s. The garden was maintained until the beginning of the 19th century, and then abandoned. The shrubs grew wild but the paths and terraces could still be seen.

 In 1993 it was decided to recreate the park in its original style. Now known as Kaskaderne (The Cascades), it was reopened in 1996 with a multitude of new shrubs and trees, making it Denmark’s most notable Baroque garden. I have tried to capture both the Castle, details from the park and the frail flowers.

As a Cherry On Top, you can take a little ferry across the lake from downtown Hillerød, in the summer.


39 thoughts on “Baroque Garden Much?

  1. Fantastic Olive. I’ve recently had a little exposure (via lecture series) to Baroque music and to the era and its characters and this is a brilliant follow up (for me, at least).

    Really enjoying your little presentations.

    Thanks for sharing them.


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    1. Denmark is full of these gems. I dont know much about genres in music or architecture/design. My take is that if I think its pretty or cool or otherwise interesting – I’ll snap a pic or a hundred of it (thank heavens for digital cameras!) 😜

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  2. Wonderful pictures of a wonderfully elegant artifact of an elegant era. I enjoyed the interior shots you linked to, as well. (And thanks to you I’m gonna name my next band “The Inbred Lunatics of Monarchy”!)

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    1. Interesting thought. I think the heating alone will break your economical back. Not to mention the upkeep. And there is no indoor plumbing…

      Just saw on a TV programme here that the richest man i Denmark only heats – and use – 3 rooms in his mansion. I’m kinda thinking then what is the point of having a lavishly beautiful home if you cant afford to heat it…

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