“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” ― Francis of Assisi I would like to thank Michelle Mac (Southern by design) for thinking of me as a prospective participant in the «3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge». Michelle not only masters the art of poetry, but also writes really good thought provoking personal pieces. She has also been … Continue reading Light

Handegg (and why Sir Nerdalot is in the dog house)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have praised my Sir Nerdalot on many an occasion on my blog. This is not one of those times. Because, what is almost as bad as the Man Flu? Yup, you got it: Handegg-season! Now, what is so wrong about Handegg-season, and why do I … Continue reading Handegg (and why Sir Nerdalot is in the dog house)

Pumpkin and sweet potato soup

(For norsk oppskrift, KLIKK HER!) For some strange reason, I associate pumpkin with autumn. I suppose I was Americanized 25 years ago while I did the foreign exchange thing in the booming metropolis of Sparks, Nevada.  Despite associating pumpkin with autumn, I have only started in the latter years to use pumpkin in my cooking. … Continue reading Pumpkin and sweet potato soup