I am fully aware that I have praised autumn in a couple previous posts (you can read them here and here), but I have to say that there is a terrible down side to fall as well:


65832195As of right now, The Karate Kid has a cold, and I am catering to his every need to keep the Man Flu at bay. I am hoping that he is too young to develop a full-fledged Man Flu, and that it – at worst – will stop at Teenager Flu. The Kid is drinking liter after liter of Old Mamasan’s miracle remedy against sore throats, runny noses, watery eyes, weak knees, fevers and the plague:

Get your kettle out. Put in a couple bags of strong, black tea (we prefer English Breakfast Tea), a good dollop of honey, half an orange (wash it so you can keep the peel on), one peppermint drop, and then you pour over your boiling water. Let sit for a couple minutes and then drink it. It even tastes good!

(For adults I recommend topping the tea off with a splash of whiskey or cognac. The booze doesn’t help one bit, but it makes it fun to be sick.)



The big challenge is to isolate Sir Nerdalot from the cold virus, because he will definitely, without a doubt, develop a full-fledged Man Flu! We are, in other words, we are on the precipice of catastrophe here, and the world as we know it will cease to exist. He will be shivering in pain and fever, he will have out-of-body experiences every time he sneezes, he will be whiney and feel terribly sorry for himself. We all know how it goes, right?

Sir Nerdalot is henceforth banished to isolation in the Man Cave – where he will stay until the Karate Kid is completely free from cold symptoms. I will go to the store tomorrow and stock up on cognac in case the Nerd catches the Man Flu despite strict isolation. I am going to need triple shots in my tea if he gets sick…

Booze is the answer. I don’t remember the question.


21 thoughts on “On the verge of catastrophe!

  1. Buahahahah, that was extremely funny to read, now every time my husband will catch a cold, I will think of your post, and get into a laughter mode. lol.

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  2. Fantastic, just went through the “man-flu” a week ago, while my husband prefers to be left alone, he does think he is sicker than anyone has ever been and he cannot do anything…I heard him tell someone that I (meaning me his wife) haven’t been sick in several years…uh hello, I have, I just do not have the luxury of lying down…HA!

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    1. Hah, yes that is exactly what they do, consider themselves sooooooo much sicker than everyone else. Hubby has now come down with the full fledged Man Flu, despite the strict isolation. He is whining like he is about to die, but seriously – he’s got the friggin sniffles! LOL

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