1-14390988_10154225203726622_5985358527453009845_nGood morning and welcome to this week’s #WeekendCoffeeShare! I am so excited that I will probably start yappin’ right away and totally forget to offer you coffee or whatever beverage you would like. I hope you are not the type of person who is so timid that you starve in front of the breadbox, but instead would tell me that “Yo Mamasan! Shut your pie-hole and get me some coffee, and some biscuits would be nice too!”

If we were having coffee, I would apologize for being so dimwitted that I totally forgot my manners (I swear, I do have manners – I just don’t use them very often…), and once you have a cup-full and a plate-full of goodies in front of you I’d probably just pick up the ranting right away.

I saw this really cool post over at The Stationary Geekette,   Confessions Of… Autumn Bucket List. Now, looks like they have some sort of recurring share over there, might be something to look into if you are into recurring linkups like the #WeekendCoffeeShare. Anyways, she shares her Autumn Bucket List, and I will not reveal the whole list, its better you pay her a visit and read it yourself. Let’s just say that she has some awesome things on her list. Hot chocolate would be one, and that one is going on mine as well. Now, we are not talking about the puny watered-down cocoa BS, we are talking real hot chocolate so rich, so sugary, so creamy, that you’d need an insulin shot and an immediate unclogging of arteries before you reach the bottom of your mug. We do not muck about when it comes to hot chocolate!


Another thing she has on her list is to see a movie that she has a tradition of enjoying every autumn, and I get this. I really do. Fall is a perfect time for letting oneself be entertained by the stupid-box, and I also have movies that I see many times – because they are that good! And this, THIS (jumping up and down) is what I am all excited about! I am going to get my Doc on! Yesterday, this bundle of joy of a Doctor was delivered to my door. Never has a delivery man looked more beautiful than when he handed me the shipment containing my beloved Doc.

1-658a4d7c95f2936fd58fadd1f1cd2777Yea, I can see the puzzled look in your eyes, you are wondering if I have lost it completely. Gone bonkers. Two cans short of a six pack. Need a checkup from the neck up. Mad as a hatter. Insane in the membrane. Bat-shit crazy.  Nuckin’ Futz.  Have a screw loose. More cuckoo than a clock factory. Wigged out. One fry short of a Happy Meal. Well, I feel fine, and with the Karate Kid away with friends, and Sir Nerdalot tucked away in his Man Cave, I get sole control of the TV! So I will definately be gettin’ my Doc on! We are of course talking about the best TV-series ever! Doc Martin! What? You have never seen it? Seriously, what is wrong with you?

Doc Martin is a British TV-series starring Martin Clunes as Doc Martin. The good Doc is a brilliant vascular surgeon who develops haemophobia, the fear of blood. His condition is rather counterproductive for his job as a surgeon, so he obtains a post of the sole GP in a small and sleepy Cornish village, Portwenn, where he has to interact with a lot of funny and weird characters. To top it all off – the good Doc is extremely grouchy, pugnacious and in complete lack of social skills, and his direct and blunt responses is leaving quite a few of his patients perplexed. Now, you can imagine the dialogue that goes on in this series, it is hilarious!

Let’s see a few examples together:

Did you notice the scenery when the vid started? This series is filmed in the village of Port Isaac, Cornwall, England (check  THIS LINK for info and stunning pics.) I guess it goes without saying that Cornwall in general and Port Isaac in particular have been on my Travel Bucket List for some time. And as I see the series again, I guess it will be moving higher and higher på on that list.

Now you know how I will be spending my cold and rainy autumn evenings, yup, I will be all cuddled up in soft, warm, fuzzy blankets, with a mug full of hot chocolate, while enjoying seven full seasons of Doc Martin!


As I intend my Coffee Shares to be on the funnier side of things, I will give you some funny dialogue from Doc Martin. Enjoy!

Patient: And you reckon these will work, do you?

Doc Martin: No – I just prescribe them for fun.

Doc Martin: What do you want Adrian?

Adrian: I want you to put in a word for me with Chris Parsons. You see, Faulkner is about to move on.

Doc Martin: And you’re ready to step up?

Adrian: Yes, but I’m getting some resistance from Chris Parsons. Since you two are mates I wondered if you might give him a call.

Doc Martin: I’ve spoken to Chris. He rang me. He thinks you’re an arse. I think you’re an arse too. Enjoy your weekend.

[Adrian storms out]

Doc Martin: Arse.

Bert: Son, I know it’s your phone bill and you’ve got your own money coming in, but those mobile phones damage your head membranes.

Al: Dad, I’ve got Bluetooth.

Bert: There you go, exactly my point.

Elaine: I’m sorry. I cannot tolerate imbeciles.

Doc Martin: Elaine, when we agreed you’d start at 8.30 you did realize I meant a.m.

Elaine: Buying biscuits at the supermarket, right, and this bimbo won’t let me through on six items or less. All baps up to here and stick-on nails she was. Get this –

[imitates the check-out girl]

Elaine: “Sorry. Six items or less”.

Doc Martin: And you had?

Elaine: 20, but that’s not the point.

Doc Martin: Bert, it’s been a long day. Take two aspirin and insult me in the morning.


Joan: Look, Marty, you do realize that the villagers are dusting off their pitchforks, don’t you?

Doc Martin: Yes. Exactly how many generations ago did the inbreeding start with these people?

Doc Martin: Can you give me his phone number then, please?

Pauline: No. Don’t have it.

Doc Martin: Remind me what your job is again?

Pauline: He didn’t leave a number. He left in a rush, looking like a frightened rabbit. Like all your patients, actually.

Louisa: I got involved in a surfing club of all things. I think what clinched it was the kids saying I’m too old.

Doc Martin: Nonsense. People of all ages go surfing.

Louisa: You should come along. It’d be nice to see you out of that suit and in a wet… suit…

Elaine: How come you never asked me out, then?

Al: Well, there was you and Greg.

Elaine: Also, you were a bit of a non.

Doc Martin

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35 thoughts on “The Doc’s in!

  1. I had “hot chocolate” in Slovakia. It was, as you described, thick and rich and sweet and topped with a dollop of whipped cream, and I ate it with a spoon. My word. American hot chocolate is nice, but this? THIS was unbelievable!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WE are starting to leave hot chocolate territory here in Sydney and are moving towards Summer. I made waffles a few times during the week with our new waffle maker and have been giggling with the recipe. I think I’m finally on the money.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I imagine your spring is beautiful! Don’t worry, we will leave you some chocolate for when you head into your fall 🙂

      If you want your waffles to be a bit on the crispy side, try some sour dairyproducts, like sour cream, creme fraiche or yoghurt. And thanks for the reminder, imma go dust off the old waffle iron now and have it ready for tonight. And maybe even turn it into a post!

      See? You are an inspiration to me! Thank you for that! And have a wonderful Sydney day (ALSO on my travel bucket list)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for that, Olive Ole. I did read about people using buttermilk and I also read about people substituting some cornflour to make them crispy.
        Waffles aren’t as popular in Australia as the US, hence why I’m struggling with nailing this recipe. I’ve started out with my grandmother’s recipe I found printed up in an old Church cookbook from the 1950s but it has no sugar. It does separate the eggs and I beat them up by hand, so the waffles are nice and fluffy but they had no sugar so I’ve added that. They seem to be getting there now and are really fluffy, crispy etc. We have ours with maples syrup and vanilla ice cream.
        Enjoy yours tonight and good to hear we’ve inspired you.
        Could use that hot chocolate tonight BTW. It’s been raining all day and pretty cold.
        xx Rowena

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I shall be joining in your Doc Martin fest! I adore the old curmudgeon! No coffee for me thanks, need a diet dr pepper actually..but I am attempting to get over my addiction to it so I shan’t have one. sigh

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Doc Martin reminds me of a series a few years ago here in America called “House”. Dr. Gregory House was anything but kind. He was rude, crude and totally socially unacceptable but he had his moments. My favorite TV Doctor is Doctor Who, namely the tenth doctor. I still watch some of his episodes when BBC is running them. Matt Smith’s run was really good, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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