Good morning and thank you for meeting me at one of the many dog parks I Denmark. I like this one in particular because there is always other dogs Sir Hoof Hearted can play with while we sit outside the café and enjoy coffee and perhaps a piece of cake.

Where is this #WeekendCoffeeShare taking place? We are right north of Copenhagen, Denmark, at Bernstorff Slot og Slotshave (Bernstorff Castle and Garden). As mentioned above, there is a cafe here where you can bring your dog. There is also a Tea-room in a gorgeous rose garden – where you may not bring the dog.

This is all set in a beautiful forest with wide paths, and there are huge lawns for your dog to run and play on.


The reason I wanted to meet you here, besides it being a beautiful place, is pure convenience. Here we can sit and chat , outside in the crisp autumn air, over a constant flow of coffee from the cafe, while the dog plays with other dogs, and I don’t really have to do anything.

You see, I am dead tired today. Only got a couple hours sleep last night. Yea, I was busy all night.

I woke up in the middle of the night by a burglar in my room. I asked him what the hell he was doing, and he said he was looking for money, jewelry and valuables… I am so tired! We spent hours searching high and low!

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27 thoughts on “… So Tired!

  1. I know this lovely place. The only difficult thing is to find the entrance when you arrive by car. Twice my twin brother has arranged our birthday at this lovely place and I was late both times touring around the park to get in

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  2. I’d love some cake, please! We don’t have to talk since the burglar kept you awake all night (so funny). We can just sit and enjoy the scenery and the dogs’ escapades.

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  3. Not quite sure who or what the burglar was but I hope you’re okay. No doubt, you’ve heard of Kim Kardashian’s ordeal being robbed in Paris. I don’t follow all that celebrity stuff but that was particularly bad.
    I love the dog cafe and park. We have quite a few dog-friendly cafes in Australia. Mine are better suited to the beach though where they can chase the ball and run amok and it doesn’t matter. I have visions of them upturning tables in a cafe, even though they’re usually pretty good.
    Hope you get some sleep and have a good week.
    xx Rowena
    Hope you make it to Australia soon!

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    1. The burglar thing was a joke, saying that I helped him look as I was also interested in finding valuable is my house. With the Kardashian-thing happening more or less at the same time as my post here, my post now seems rather blunt and tasteless. It is just a coincidence. Kardashian was in a life threathening situation, and that is no joking matter for sure.

      My Sir Hoof Hearted is not the best behaved dog in the world, but just like kids, he puts his best foot forward when we are with other people and dogs. Isnt that funny how they do that?

      Thank you for your well wishes, and right back at ya! Have a fab week 🙂


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