Now that I showed you one of my fav places in Spain yesterday (Santiago de la Ribera), let me show you my fav restaurant at that location; the Restaurante Bellavista!


From its prime location on the boardwalk, the Bella Vista offers – just like its name promises – great views! Roman and his family and coworkers offer authentic Spanish foods. I am particularly fond of the tapas and the arrozes (rice dishes, like paella). The restaurant is reasonably priced, there is a laid back and welcoming atmosphere and this is a great opportunity to speak Spanish! Just be aware that due to the dialect in Murcia region, they are very hard to understand. I am glad to notice that I do get an increasingly better understanding of what they say for every visit.


Now, make sure you pay the Bella Vista a visit, should you happen to be in this part of Spain. You are in for a wonderful meal and a great time, whether you go for lunch or dinner! I am sure you will soon see why I keep returning to the place.


(And no, this I not a sponsored post, I figure it must be possible to say something nice without getting paid)

12 thoughts on “Tapas and Paella, is there anything better?

      1. Never been to Europe so was wondering if the sun was still strong at that time. Well nice that you guys enjoyed yourselves there, everyone looks such a rosy hue!

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  1. Looks and sounds absolutely fantastic! I love Spain although I’ve only visited once and only in Barcelona. I will definitely be back though. Oh, and I love tapas. Sadly, I have not found good authentic tapas outside of Spain. The pictures are beautiful!

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