Good morning and welcome to #WeekendCoffeeShare! Today I offer Irish Coffee, Kalypso Coffee, or whatever boozy coffee you prefer. I recon we need lots of booze in our beverages after the Donald has been rummaging around the White House for a week.


I had written a lengthy text for last weekend’s coffee share, about the Donald. I decided not to publish it, as it was all making fun of him, and I decided it was just too easy. Yanno, sometimes when someone is serving you a clever repartee on a silver platter – that sometimes it is just so easy that it stops being funny? Yea, this was one of those times. Seriously, the fully automatic numpty does not need me turning him into a laughing stock – he’s got that covered all by himself!


So instead, I thought I’d amuse you with a little story of what happened to me here earlier in the week:

I got home late after a particularly hard day at work. You know, one of those days where you stub your toe, spill the hot coffee all over your desk, get a run in your pantyhose and gets told off by 3 customers – all before lunch! Just a regular day that both starts out as a farce, and just continues as a farce, and finally ends as a farce. Of course, on my way home I had to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few items, just to find the place jam packed by other overworked, tired people with runs in their stockings. It took me an hour just to get through the check out.

Then I come home to a handsome and debonair gentleman who has walked the dog, fed the cats, checked the kid’s homework, cleaned the entire house, and has dinner on the table, lit candles included, can you comprehend what that means? I am serious! Do you know what it means when this man gives you a nice – and much needed – neck rub, draw you a bath and pour the champagne? Do you? Do you know what it means when this man makes sweet and passionate love to you for hours? Do you know what that means?

It means that you have gone into the wrong fucking house!

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28 thoughts on “What it means…

  1. The plot twist at the end… 😀
    I was drinking water while reading your post. The last sentence made me laugh so much that the water went up my nose 😀
    Love you blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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