My Dear friends, I need your help!


December is fast approaching and I am in a bit of a kerfuffle with Sir Nerdalot (DH = Dear/Daft Husband) over the Xmas tree. Sir Nerdalot have never cared too much about decorations and such. He enjoys it when it’s all up – but never has any opinion as of where to place what, and what goes together – and not.


This year, however, he chimed in on the all-important Xmas tree, surprisingly enough. We always do a real tree and put it up right before Xmas, on the 22nd or 23rd Dec. It is not very practical to put it up sooner, unless you really enjoy running around with the vacuum and deal with the shedding. But Sir Nerdalot told me that he enjoys the tree so much, that he wants one to go up on Dec 1st. So, then we must go for a fake tree. This is when DH, who pretends to be this busy and important businessman, gave me 1000 Euros and told me to “make it happen”. If there were left over money he wanted me to buy myself something pretty to make it worth my while.


Needless to say, he did not have to ask me twice. I quickly found the perfect tree, nice and green, perfectly shaped and not too big. It just so happened that the tree cost way less than expected, so I enjoyed a really good shopping for myself. It was just the perfect day!


Upon my return to home, I was eager to show him the nice tree I had bought us, and proudly showed it to DH. But whaddayaknow! The normally calm and collected Sir Nerdalot completely blew a fuse! If you think the terrible twos are rough, then imagine the terrible forty-two’s! Oh my! This was the absolute WORST Xmas tree he had ever seen and ordered me back into town to change it right away! He practically threw me into my car!


So, here I am, utterly upset because I really like the tree! Please help me – is it really that bad? Doesn’t this make a nice Xmas tree?




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